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(510) Family Faves: Becky in the Lorin

Becky is a stay-at-home mom to two girls; Maisy will be 3 in June and Maren is 8 mos old and was born in the front seat of their 2000 VW Jetta. Her husband is a bicycle-riding web designer who works in San Francisco. She was generous to share her favorite places to go with and without the girls around her neighborhood, the Lorin.

Our favorite activity is gardening in our own yard. I also love the first week of the month because that’s when we make our rounds at the free days at museums in the bay.

mom and daughter at mount diablo in walnut creek
Blue skies for our hike at Mount Diablo | Photo: Becky Matthews

Here are some other favorites:

  1. Favorite East Bay outing with kids?- Tilden Park hike/walk and picnic.  The girls love exploring, finding treasures, looking at critters and checking out flowers.
  2. Favorite park or playground and what you like about it? The park on Stanford Ave in Emeryville west of San Pablo at Doyle St. There is no sand, just rubber and a great teeter totter. I think we need a listing of parks without sand. I seriously dislike sand!
  3. What is your neighborhood best known for? Sweet Adeline’s Bakeshop. We love going. The owner lives on our corner so it feels like visiting a neighbor. The owner is so friendly and always sure to come say hi and admire our girls. Sweet Adeline’s actually made our wedding cake. At the time we didn’t know we were her first wedding!!
  4. Cactus or Picante? Neither. We love Los Cantaros on San Pablo in Emeryville or Grand Ave across from Lake Merritt.  YUM!
  5. Favorite date night destination?  Wood Tavern.  2 words-  Pork Chop! (and burger).  You can even bring the kids if you go early- like 5pm. They are awesome with the kids and even offer them crayons.  But for date night- leave them home 🙂
  6. How Berkeley Can You Be? I went to a local preschool for a visit to see if it would be a good fit for our family. The school did a lunchtime Peace march; apparently they do it once a week.  All the kids had signs they had made and did a little march singing “Peace is sweet, we want peace, peace is nice”.  My daughter LOVED the school.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to go to the school due to scheduling issues, but my daughter still talks about the peace school.

Special thanks again to Becky for sharing her favorites with us! Do you want to share? You can too!

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