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{510} Family Faves: Dan Goldwater in Berkeley

Berkeley dad Dan Goldwater is the dude behind MonkeyLectric bicycle lights. I asked him to share his favorite East Bay haunts with us.


What’s your favorite activity for 1:1 time with your toddler?

We like to go hiking in Tilden. First stop by the petting zoo, then go for a hike. Yoshi can do about half a mile on and off (just need to steer him away from the Poison Oak!) and I carry him the rest of the way in a backpack. He loves looking all around, and we also stomp in mud puddles in the winter and spring. If your kid ever said to you, “But that dad stomps in mud puddles, why can’t I?”, well, guilty as charged.

What’s your favorite date night?


East Bay Bike Party! It’s really vibrant and energetic, a bit youthful and raw. There’s a different route every month; you’ll ride parts of town you’d never go to otherwise and party along the way. Lots of the riders have mobile sound systems, and the ride has several stops to dance and hang out.

What’s your favorite Saturday morning ritual?

Wait outside La Farine on Solano at 7.30am until they open. We each get a croissant. The staff there loves toddlers. Head over to Thousand Oaks Elementary playground to play with the other kids while my coffee starts to kick in.


What’s your favorite family dinner out?


Getting take-out from Kyoto or Cheeseboard and then going to sit somewhere outside and eat it. Trying to impose a toddler into a restaurant-dining format always seems a bit Sisyphean to me. I think we all win by avoiding that situation.

Cactus or Picante?

I like them both, but Catcus is a lot closer so we go there more often. Plus for cactus: Yoshi likes to splash in the fountain.

How Berkeley can you be?

I started a company here just to make colorful light patterns in bicycle wheels – and we sell them around the world. MonkeyLectric is at 9th and Grayson. We design and manufacture our Monkey Light bike lights right here in Berkeley. Our lights are fun and visible, so riders of any age love using them.

What’s your favorite alone time activity?

I try to get in some of those outdoor sports that I spent all my time at back before I had responsibilities. Ha! I’ll go kite-surfing at the Albany Bulb, or for a long bike ride in the hills.

Tell us about a class you have enjoyed for your son.

Music Together with Ryk.  It’s fun for all of us.

Do you have a favorite local toy store?

Yard sales! Nothing like getting a whole box full of toys carefully curated by other Berkeley parents for $10.

What’s your favorite Bay Area day trip?

Hiking at some of the further parks like Black Diamond Mines and Morgan Territory. We also found out about the Bay Area Discovery Museum from 510 families website!

Thanks for hanging with us, Dan!


Learn more about his cool bike lights, designed, produced and sold in the 510 at www.monkeylectric.com

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