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{510} Family Faves with the Dilly Dallies

I was excited that musicians Jenn Ekman and Steve Slater reached out to share their families’ favorite activities in and around the East Bay (especially their lives in Alameda with kids). Together, they perform all over the Bay Area as the Dilly Dallies! Jenn and Steve rehearse while their children run around and play. The Dilly Dallies sing catchy songs about their lives as parents and children rooted in their real-world adventures as Stay-at-home-parents, so you know they know where to find the fun.

Dilly Dallies share their Alameda family favorites
The Dilly Dallies

510: Where do you live and what is your neighborhood known for?

Jenn: The Bronze Coast of Alameda. Our area is known for community and neighborly spirit. We often have holiday parties with our neighbors. We’re also known for life on the water since we live on the lagoon and the Alameda Beach is only a few blocks away.

Steve: I live on Bay Farm Island in Alameda. It’s known being the fastest route to the Oakland Airport and being an avocado farm a long time ago.

How old are your children?


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Jenn: Sebastian (6) and Sofia (3)
Steve: Jude is also 6. He’s only a week younger than Sebastian.

Dilly Dallies share their Alameda family favorites: Steve and family
Jenn and her family

Do you have a favorite place for one on one time with the kids?
We love going to the beach because it’s really big and the kids have a blast. Also, the bowling alley, miniature golf, Little Farm, Oakland Zoo, and Cheese Board are all great places to spend time with the kids.

What is a great kid-friendly feature of your neighborhood?
The lagoons and the beach! Plus, we’re a bike-friendly island. There are so many playgrounds we can easily (and safely) bike to. Also, the 25 MPH speed limits are strictly enforced all over the island.

What amazing class or program has your child done?
Aquatech swim school, our six-year old sons swim at the same time and are like little fish! Ruby’s Tumbling is great because it gets your kids climbing and jumping. Also, the Oakland Zoo camp is pretty rad.

Best kid birthday party you’ve attended?
We love indoor play spaces like Twirl or Ruby’s Tumbling where the kids can be active in a safe environment. Another great spot is Adventure Playground in Berkeley, but your kids have to be safe with all the tools.


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Dilly Dallies share their Alameda family favorites: Jenn and family
Steve and family

What discovery do you want to tell every new-in-town parent about?  
Alameda Family Collective. It’s a mommy/daddy meetup group that really helps integrate new parents into the “family community” in Alameda. And of course all the great things for the kids to experience in the area like Little Farm, BART, Tilden Steam Train, hiking…

Do you have a go-to restaurant for family dinners out?
Three favorites come to mind: The HobNob (pub grub but better), Speisekammer (German), and La Penca Azul (Mexican) for sure.

Favorite date night?
On those special occasions when we actually get to go out with our partners, dinner at American Oak and a show at The Altarena Playhouse is always great. Also, catching concerts at The Fox or watching jazz at Jupiter.

Big thanks to Steve and Jenn for answering our questions. To see their upcoming shows, check out our events calendar or TheDillyDallies.com. The next few (510) shows are listed below.

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[All photos provided by Steve Slater and used with permission]

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