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{510} Family Faves from Erin Scott

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I met Erin Scott, a Berkeley mom of two, at the corner where our kids stood waiting this summer for a big yellow ride to camp.  When I saw a profile of her on Berkeleyside that focused on her food blog and photography, I thought I’d like to interview her about life in the East Bay with kids. (See other parents we’ve featured in our 510 Family Faves series.)

What’s your favorite park? Adventure Playground makes me proud to live in Berkeley. The fact that kids can freely use paint, nails, and hammers in such a funky, cool spot makes me smile every time we go there. And, once your kid is old enough to use the zip line, it’s a major right of passage growing up in the East Bay.

What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday morning? Sleeping in as late as possible. (All parents know what a precious commodity sleep is!) Making pancakes and bacon at home. Watching the kids play with the neighbors. Puttering in our veggie garden. And taking it extremely slow. If we can avoid getting in a car at all on Saturdays, I’m a happy mama.

What aspect of your neighborhood makes it family-friendly?  We live in the flatter zone of North Berkeley. Now that we have a middle schooler, I’m loving that we can let our son roam the neighborhood a bit: he can easily ride his bike or walk to Solano for a slice of pizza; or he can hang at the North Berkeley Branch Library with his buddies. And maybe best of all, he can ride his bike every day to King Middle School! It feels like kids can safely enjoy freedom and independence, yet still live in a diverse and dynamic small city.

Cactus or Picante?  Picante, for sure. I think I’ve clocked hundreds of meals there. To me, Picante is the ultimate family-friendly restaurant. Plus, Jim, the owner, has made a huge effort to make most of the Picante menu extremely friendly for gluten-free eaters. Even with Celiac disease, I can eat there safely and there’s something tasty for everyone!

How Berkeley can you be? So Berkeley! We’ve got solar panels on our roof. Four years ago, we tore out our lawn and replaced it with organic veggies and fruit trees. And my husband drives a 1982 Mercedes wagon that runs on recycled veggie oil
that he buys at BioFuel Oasis. We may sound like a “green” cliche, but I’m okay with that!

Learn more about Erin at her blog yummysupper.com and her photography site.

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