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{510} Family Faves: Kelsey Lowitz in Oakland

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Oakland mom Kelsey Lowitz is a Life Coach who helps people find more fulfillment and mind-body-spirit wellness. She is the mother of one baby girl and she shared a few of her local faves with us:

What’s your favorite Sat morning itinerary? Walking with baby in Ergo or Bob Stroller out for coffee and pastries at Arizmendi or Rooz, and the Grand Ave. Farmers Market.

What local discovery do you want to tell every new parent about? I haven’t actually been yet, but I hear that the Kindercycle swap is pretty cool! It’s on my list for March 18.

What’s your favorite family dinner out? Burma Superstar, Sushi or Thai or Indian on Lakeshore or Grand (we mostly order in.) There is also a local pizza place just off the lake near our house called Leaning Tower of Pizza that has a total family friendly vibe. We like that place. (Even though we mostly order that to go also!)


Tell us about a great class you have taken. Tum E Time (Kim Lyons)– loved it! I do the baby massage almost every night. (Editor’s note: This is a 4-week class for moms and pre-crawling babies that provides suggestions for ways to interact with your baby and the opportunity to connect with other new parents.)

What is your neighborhood known for? We live right up from Lakeshore Ave. I love being able to walk down the hill to the Peet’s Coffee, the Trader Joes, and Arizmendi. The Grand Ave. Saturday Morning Farmers Market is also fun for us, especially when the weather is good. Now that we’re starting to make India’s baby food, we’ll be sure to visit the Farmers Market on Saturdays to get fresh in season veggies and fruits.

Favorite toy store? On Lakeshore, I think it’s called Adventure Toys and Learning. Pretty good for being within walking distance. But the real winner is probably Rockridge Kids. And… of course, the first few months I didn’t get out much, so I did most of my shopping on Amazon. Gotta love the Prime membership!

What’s your favorite Oakland treat (for adults)? I’ve gotten a few massages at the Foot Spa and Tea Bar on Grand Ave. It’s a good treat for me because I can get there in 5 minutes, get an amazing combo foot massage and body massage for 75 minutes, and be back 5 minutes after that. The whole outing only takes 90 minutes and can be done during a nap! It’s really reasonably priced and you can get in with short notice most of the time. Almost better, as it’s cheaper and quicker, and almost as relaxing, is just slipping out to one of the many mani/pedi places on Grand Avenue and getting a good foot massage and chair massage with some toenail love for only $15!! All in an hour.

Where do you go for mom alone time? In an hour of alone time, I like to go to the Temescal Pool and swim laps on Saturdays or Sundays. The pool is SO clean, refreshing and relaxing. I love it– it’s one of the only times those first few months when I felt completely free and flowing, not holding anything, or being needed in any way. (And, again, I can get there, swim, and get back in about 60 minutes if I don’t shower!) A few of the moms I met in my mom and baby yoga series would go sometimes together and take turns swimming and watching babies while sitting on the grass snacking and sunning. That was pretty fun.



Thanks, Kelsey!

Learn more about Kelsey’s Life Coaching business at her website.


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