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{510} Family Faves: Lois from Mamie & Makhi’s Sweet Potato Pie

Lois Porter has lived in the East Bay her whole life. She has a grown daughter and a son in elementary school so we appreciate her sharing a few of her favorite places with us.

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[Lois and Makhi in Santa Cruz]

Best way to spend an an afternoon?
My family loves Tilden Park and the walk to Jewel Lake. It is an adventure every time. The little secluded walkway has been the scene for many adventures and a growing boy’s imagination. Park at Little Farm and veer left instead of right at the turn-off to the Nature Center.

We also like to go to Castro Valley and play miniature golf.

Favorite rainy day hangout?
Ironworks is fun and active and is a great way to get our energy used up. We also love to go to the movies, and I like the Shattuck Cinema best, they have good coffee. Albany Bowl is fun too.

Go-to family daytrip?
Marine World in Vallejo is fun (and if you search online you can get discount ticket prices). We also like Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Tech Museum in San Jose.

Picante or Cactus?
Picante has the best chips!!! Plus their $5 chicken, rice and beans plate is the right size and the right price!

Read a little more about Lois and Mamie & Makhi’s Sweet Potato Pie.

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1 thought on “{510} Family Faves: Lois from Mamie & Makhi’s Sweet Potato Pie”

  1. I got to try the pie from these folks at Beehive recently. It was so good! I imagine it would make an awesome holiday gift. By the way — did you know Albany may well have its own farmers market come spring?? Maybe a new spot for Lois and Mamie & Makhi’s Sweet Potato Pie!

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