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(510) Family Faves: Maury in Alameda

Maury, 510families faves from Alameda

I’ve known Maury for a dozen years; now she has two wild handsome boys (one toddler, one kindergartner) in Alameda. When I asked her about a few of her favorites, she sent me an awesome list of Alameda-centric fun and one excellent half-day trip:

Ruby’s Tumbling is a family-owned biz that has been around forever. Fun tumbling classes for 0-5 and they used to and may still do a family night type of thing where parents can drop their kids off to play under Ruby’s supervision while they go to dinner in the neighborhood.

Bay Island Gymnastics is a hard-core gymnastics facility just across the bridge from Alameda by Home Depot. It’s a great facility and then have a bizillion classes for different age groups.

Pump it Up (enormous jumpy place just across the bridge from Alameda on Embarcadero) has an open jump slot on Monday afternoons from 3:30 – 5 where kids can go fairly inexpensively and parents and sibs under 2 are free.

Alameda Parks & Rec offers a family outdoor movie night called “starlight movies” during the summer that sounds kind of cool. Also, they have a good outdoor soccer program that Bo just started (Kidz love Soccer.)

Worth the drive! Way outside of Alameda, have you ever heard of/been to Super Franks {now closed!} in Pleasanton? OMG…it rocks. I meet a girlfriend and her kids there and we drink lattes and gossip while the kids do every manner of thing, fenced in and protected. Then there’s a huge gym with low basketball hoops, mats, a ton of those scooter things that drive themselves and a crazy swing. It’s seriously Bo’s idea of nirvana. They have lunch/dinner too. You could spend a full day there.

Maury, 510families faves from Alameda

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