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{510} Family Faves: Tamsen Fynn of Orange Sherbet


With her new CD Delicious set to launch in just a few weeks, musician Tamsen Fynn and her Bay Area kid’s band Orange Sherbet are gearing up for a release party at Ashkenaz on May 20. I know that Tamsen and her husband, East Bay baker Eduardo Morrel, are big advocates of the Eat Local movement, so I thought I’d find out what other local passions they have to share with 510 families.

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What is your neighborhood known for? The Frances Albrier Community Center at San Pablo Park has honored Frances Albrier’s contribution to the civil rights movement.  Frances Albrier moved to California from Alabama, and lead nearly six decades of civil rights activism in our neighborhood.  Also honored is Bill Haywood, another long-time Berkeley civil rights activist.

New additions to the neighborhood include Dave’s Records, Black Oak Books, and the more established Café Trieste.  Who could ask for anything more?


What is your favorite playground? Aquatic Park has the most exciting playground around, with trains racing by every 20 minutes or so.

What is your favorite date night? Albany Bowl with a big group of friends for a night of free bowling we’ve won from the weekly business card raffle.  Add beer and a dress code!

What discovery do you want to tell every new parent about? Just in case you didn’t grow up in the East Bay, you should definitely know about Little Farm.  After the birth of a cow, an entire litter of pigs, endless bags of celery, creepy goat eyes, and being licked by the longest cow tongue on the planet, we fell in love with Little Farm.  Throw in the coolest windmill around and you’ve got a winner!  It’s a classic, people.

 Cactus or Picante?  Picante.  Always.

How Berkeley can you be?  My Thursdays are pretty darn Berkeley.  I walk with my mom at San Pablo Park before she leaves for work at LifeLong, the public health clinic in Berkeley.  I teach music at Happy Baby Small School up the street, followed by a few hours of walking the dog, washing the dishes, music business (once I can’t procrastinate anymore), and saying goodbye to my husband Eduardo Morell, before he leaves to sell his naturally-leavened, artisanal, brick-oven bread at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market.  In the middle of the afternoon I pick up my daughter from Berkwood Hedge, a progressive elementary school with a constructivist approach to learning and a focus on peace and justice.  Finally, I lead a women’s singing circle at The Freight and Salvage from 8:30 to 10 at night where we sing everything from African chants to Adele, Gillian Welch, spirituals, and sea shanties.


What is your favorite way to spend alone time?

Time alone at home to write songs is a luxury, when I can ignore the kitchen, the laundry, my chattering brain, and all forms of technology.

Tell us about an amazing class your child has taken.

Monkey Business Camp has a theatre session that is fantastic.  The kids put on entire productions from Alice in Wonderland to an original production created by counselors titled First Day of Camp.  Monkey Business lives up to its name, with plenty of monkeyin’ around, and an entire summer outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of Tilden Park.  (Oh, and it’s close to Little Farm, too!)

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photos of Tamsen, Eduardo, and daughter Malin courtesy of Tamsen Flynn.

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