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(510) Family Faves: Tracey from Berkeleyside

Tracey Taylor is the mom of two boys and one of the founders of the inimitable hyper-local blog, Berkeleyside, (together with Frances Dinkelspiel and her husband Lance). If you live or work in Berkeley, go read it. We’ll wait here. Last month, we read Lance’s picks for his favorite family destinations in the Bay Area. Today, Tracey shares her point of view. And, yes, it’s totally different. We love it!

Tracey and Lance from Berkeleyside
What’s good about being a parent in the East Bay?

Living in Berkeley for us has meant being able to give both my kids (two boys, now 14 and 12) independence from an early age. They both walk to their friends’ homes and to College to shop or hang out with friends, and the 14-year-old rides his bike around town and takes the public bus to school.

How Berkeley Can You Be? Can you share a story about something you’ve done as a parent that you think exemplifies the Berkeley lifestyle?

When they were younger, both boys loved the Berkeley Marina Adventure Playground. (In fact the 12-year-old still does, but it’s not considered cool for him to admit that.) It strikes me as very Berkeley to equip young kids with adult-size tools – saws, hammers and nails – and let them get on with building their environment. No-one talks about risk or litigation there. I love it.

Favorite restaurant to eat as a family?

Dopo on Piedmont Avenue, and, in Berkeley, Summer Kitchen, Shen Hua and Flavors of India (all on College) and Fellini’s on University.

Favorite date night destination?

Wood Tavern on College, or Flora in downtown Oakland.

Finally, Cactus or Picante?

We patronize Cactus because it’s closer to where we live than Picante; but I think La Cascada on College does as good if not better a job.

[Photo provided by Lance Knobel]

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