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{510} Family Faves with Kangaroo Stitches Katie

In our recent holiday gift guide, we featured the work of Katie Gallagher, an Oakland mother of three sons. I was happy to catch up with her to find out her favorite spots in the East Bay right now.

Names and ages of your boys?
I have three sons: Kieran – 4 ½, Brady – almost 2, and Tyler – newborn (born about a month after that family photo was taken!).

What would you like to tell us about Kangaroo Stitches?
I started sewing after Kieran was born and absolutely fell in love with it. My decorative pillow covers are now being carried at Runway Style House in Oakland as well as my etsy shop, kangaroo stitches. The best part of sewing is finding interesting fabrics; I have always loved bold colors and patterns and think that pillow covers are a great way to brighten the home.

kangaroo stitches home decor to make you happy
Sewing has become a great outlet for me in the pockets of time I have when the kids are sleeping. Or in the rare moments when they are playing peacefully together!

Where did you live before you moved to the Bay Area?
I grew up near Portland, OR, met my husband in Los Angeles where I went to college, and we lived in SF for 5 years before moving to the East Bay.

What neighborhood are you in and what is it known for?
We live in Montclair, which has some amazing hiking and parks up the hill from our house off of Skyline Blvd. This is one of my favorite features of the area and when we first moved to our house I didn’t even realize they were up there!

Where do you go for one on one time with your boys?
I am a big fan of the playground at Roberts Regional Park. It’s so big and unique with lots of great space to run around. And the location is beautiful.

What’s the best little kid birthday party you’ve been to?
This summer we had a birthday for my oldest son at Train Town in Sonoma. It’s a bit of a ways to go for a birthday party, but we enjoy the train they have that takes you to a miniature town with a petting zoo. The kids also loved the rides.

What amazing class have you done with your children?

My kids and I have really enjoyed taking Music Together classes. It’s been about a year since we’ve been but I am looking forward to signing up for their next session.

What’s something about your life as a parent in the East Bay that you think is notable to your friends in other cities?
I love that there is access to so many great locations from the East Bay: wine country, the coast, Tahoe, and San Francisco. It’s easy to take a vacation without having to go on a plane!

Thanks for sharing, Katie!

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