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{510} Family Faves with Rad Dad, Craig Elliott

{510} Family Faves: Craig Elliott is a Rad Dad

We’re going strong on a very cool project profiling different contributors to the two Bay Area-based parenting magazines, Rad Dad & Hip Mama. Visit the respective websites to purchase and read everything from sex-positive parenting tips to childcare swaps. This is the fourth in our ongoing series.

Today’s guest is Craig Elliott, an Alameda-based father of two sons, age 12 and 9. He’s a soccer coach and a university teacher. If that’s not enough, he’s also an athlete, a feminist, and a rabble-rouser

Where do you live and what is it known for?
We’ve been in Alameda for 13 years. It is known as a quaint island community with a fairly progressive attitude and a high socio-economic base. It has a strong family and parent community to support the schools.

What is a great kid-friendly feature of your neighborhood?
The parks. it is a natural magnet for the kids in the neighborhood.

What’s something about your life as a parent in the East Bay that you think is notable to your friends in other cities?
I like the progressive values of the East Bay, the variety of parks and natural attractions, and the exposure for my kids to pluralistic communities. I feel at home here too.

Do you have a Saturday morning ritual?
Take the kids to Peet’s for hot-chocolate and then go grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and get food for the week’s food.

Where do you go for one on one time with your kid?
The Alameda Library, Tucker’s Ice Cream, and Peet’s Coffee and Tea.

What does your family love to do for birthday parties?
We still like to have them at our house. It is crazy making, but it is a blast to see the kids engage with their friends and play. I love the spirit.

What do you love to do with your time away from the kids?
Play soccer on Sundays.

What’s your favorite Bay Area day trip?
The Tide Pools, or Muir Woods.

Thanks so much, Craig, I have to get my boys to those tide pools! Be on the lookout for more {510} Family Faves features from the writers of Rad Dad and Hip Mama.

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[Photo by Craig Elliott, all rights reserved]

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