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{510} Family Faves with Rad Dad, Robert Trujillo

{510} Family Faves: Robert Trujillo is a Rad Dad

For the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling different contributors to the two Bay Area-based parenting magazines, Rad Dad & Hip Mama. Visit the respective websites to purchase and read everything from childcare swaps to sex-positive parenting tips. This is the second in our series.

Today’s guest is Robert Trujillo, a 34-year old Oakland native and father to a fourth grade son. He is a visual artist focusing on children’s book illustration, mural painting, and stop motion animation.

What neighborhood do you live in?
I’ve lived all over Oakland from the West, to the East, on the hills, North, etc. I’m in East Oakland near High St. I would say East Oakland is known for really good food, small mom and pop business, great views, and some wild behavior occasionally.

What is your favorite place for one on one time with your kid?
At the library right now. I love just going and finding good books together. Sometimes we read them together, sometimes separate. Sometimes we talk to each other or not at all. I just enjoy that place and that time with him.

What’s the best kid birthday party you’ve been to?
My son’s first birthday party in San Pablo park was very special because his mom and I were still just discovering his personality and who he is. He was mugging hard that whole day, but I think he really enjoyed it over all.

What amazing class or program your child been a part of?
Oakland Freedom School! (OFS) is a great program that is African based teaching, it gives kids guidance, knowledge, and cultural pride through lessons and collectivity. Can’t say enough about that school. Also Destiny Arts in Oakland is great!

What discovery do you want to tell every new-in-town parent about?
There are so many. Chabot Space center or the many many gems you can find at Oakland Public Libraries. Also Oakland Museum downtown has been doing some great exhibits as of late. The Malcolm X Jazz Festival is dope. The Berkeley/ Laney Flea markets are great. Lois the Pie Queen, Its all Good Bakery, El Farolito’s.

Do you have a favorite local kids store?
In Alameda there’s a spot called Toy Safari that is like a discovery of both old and new toys. Marcus Books in Oakland is a great store for children’s books and comics.

What’s your favorite alone time/treat yourself outing?
I like going to look at books, records, or just walking for long periods of time, by the water or just through a neighborhood.

Do you have a go-to Bay Area day trip?
Go hiking or walking near Stinson beach then eat at Sol Food in San Rafael (Puerto Rican).

Thanks so much, Robert! Be on the lookout for more {510} Family Faves features from the writers of Rad Dad and Hip Mama.

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[Photo by Joy Liu provided by Robert Trujillo, all rights reserved]

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