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{510} Family Faves with Rad Dad Tomas Moniz

{510} Family Faves: Tomas Moniz is a Rad Dad
For the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling different contributors to the two Bay Area-based parenting magazines, Rad Dad & Hip Mama. Visit the respective websites to purchase and read everything from childcare swaps to sex-positive parenting tips.

Tomas Moniz is the founder, editor, and a writer for the award winning zine, book and now magazine: Rad Dad. He also just released the novella Bellies and Buffalos.

He’s been making zines since the late nineties, and his most current zines Dirty and The Body is a Wild Wild Thing are available, but you have to write him a postcard: PO Box 3555, Berkeley CA 94703. Tomas teaches at Berkeley City College.

Who are your children?
I have three: Dylan 23, Zora 18, and Ella 16

What neighborhood do you live in?
South Berkeley is best known for the ashby flea market, Thai temple, and Sweet Adeline

What amazing class has your child has been a part of?
My daughters have had great experiences at San Francisco Girls Chorus and Bay Area Girls Rock camp.

What’s your favorite place for one on one time with your children?
South Berkeley library

What’s your favorite date night?
Nicks Lounge in South Berkeley with my sweetie

What’s your favorite discovery you want to tell every new-in-town parent about?

What’s your favorite local kids store?
Not exactly a children’s store, but I love the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse and Alameda Flea Market.

What’s your favorite “treat yourself” outing?
Yoga to the People in downtown Berkeley where Yoga classes are available on a pay-what-you-can sliding scale.

Finally, what’s something about your life as a parent in the East Bay that you think is notable to your friends in other cities?
We live in a place full of creative radical families working to create a thriving parent community.

Thanks Tomas! Be on the lookout for more {510} Family Faves features from the writers of Rad Dad.

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