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Special Event: Baby’s Day Out in the Garden at Brushstrokes Studio

Parents with pre-crawling babies: Drop by Brushstrokes Studio for a footprint-making session at a special 510 Families timeslot.

Brushstrokes Studio Berkeley

Paint Baby Keepsakes at Brushstrokes

Paint baby keepsakes at Brushstrokes Studio by getting footprints on pottery. We like mugs and tiles the best.

art in the library with MOCHA

Drop-in Art Studios for Families

I love art studios stocked with supplies where I can let my kids get messy without worrying about cleaning up afterward. These drop-in studios fit the bill.

Our April Baby’s Day Out event at Brushstrokes (photos)

We hosted 40 babies at an art studio in Berkeley for a morning of crafts and conversation. See what happened!

(510) Family Faves: Jessica from Brushstrokes

We sat down with Jessica, owner of Brushstrokes Studio and mom to two young sons, and asked her to share her favorite destinations in and around the East Bay.

child in fighter plane

COVID-19 East Bay Reopening for Families

Where to get up-to-date information about all the great places re-opening, including museums, classes, and theaters.

Birthday party with kids and parents doing art

East Bay Indoor Birthday Party Places

A winter birthday means that it just might rain on your parade. Plan for an indoor party and stop worrying about the weather at one of these great indoor party places for kids.

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