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Free Meals During COVID-19 Distance Learning

We have assembled a reference list of East Bay School Lunch Pickup Locations for your reference along with additional food resources at the bottom of the page. 

COVID-19 Social Distancing with Kids: What to Do & Where to Go

Where to get up-to-date information, what to do during social distance time, and how to talk to kids about COVID-19.

Free COVID-19 Test Sites in the East Bay

All Alameda & Contra Costa County residents can get tested for COVID-19 for free — with or without health insurance and regardless of immigration status.


Feed ER delivery

How to Do Good During The Covid-19 Pandemic

I’ve been desperately wondering how to help others while also trying to be a good girl and Stay Home all the time. This is where my research led me.

San Pablo Park Berkeley field

East Bay Resources for Family Stress Relief During Covid-19 Crisis

Service providers of food, emotional support, and other relief in the Bay Area.


COVID-19 Shelter in Place with Kids: Guide for East Bay Parents

Sheltering in place means staying home except for essential services. Stay home, be safe, enjoy some creative East Bay business offerings now online.


The Impeccable Christmas Lights and Gardens at Oakland’s Temple Hill

Enjoy Christmas lights, music, and the exquisite gardens high above Oakland on Temple Hill beginning Nov. 27 – January.

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Food

30+ East Bay Restaurants with Family Sized Take Out Meals

I love having curbside takeout or delivery once (or twice) a week. I especially appreciate the restaurants and caterers who sell family-size portions.

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