A joyful playdate with Music Together at Kids Gym Berkeley (recap) - 510 Families
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A joyful playdate with Music Together at Kids Gym Berkeley (recap)

Hello everybody! We’re so glad to see you!

Music Together epic playdate with 510families
Music Together epic playdate with 510families | Photos by Celia Catalino

To everyone who’s been lucky enough to take a Music Together class, that sweet music is forever etched in our brains. Even without my own children in attendance, I happily sang along to the familiar refrain. Music Together lead two very bustling, joyful demo classes to the families who joined our epic playdate earlier in January. Music Together teachers, Renee and Natalia, kept the music playing and the families happily engaged.

Our partner photographer, Celia Catalino was on-hand to take lots of fun pictures.

Kids Gym Berkeley epic playdate with 510families
Kids love the trampoline space with balls!
Kids Gym Berkeley epic playdate with 510families
Now imagine this space bustling with joyful children!

While jingling, dancing, and singing, we could smell the tasty pancake aroma wafting in from the adjoining kitchen. Snack time with Revolution Foods Pancake Hero was a delicious — also and, shhhh, healthy and easy! — treat for the children and parents with lots of whole grains and easy to pour and serve.

breakfast hero event

Once we had our temporary fill of pancakes and dancing, the whole rest of Kids Gym Berkeley was available for climbing, swinging, jumping, and playing. If you are a small person, it is the best possible kind of outing. Kids Gym Berkeley offers 10,000 square feet with an exciting zipline, crash pit, trampoline, hammock swings, lots of climbing structures as well as cozy tot spots and quiet areas.
Kids Gym Berkeley epic playdate with 510families

Our sponsor, East Bay Music Together, made it possible. And we want to thank them so much for their continued support of 510families and our children’s musical enrichment. We wrote a little love letter to Music Together we wrote when our middle schoolers were still babies. Want to bring music into your home but don’t know where to start? Music Together makes it easy.

Music Together epic playdate at Kids Gym Berkeley with 510families

Goodbye, so long, farewell, my friends, Goodbye, so long, farewell. We’ll see you soon again, my friends! And how about a hug to our sponsors who made the day possible and to our {510} Families community who joined us to play?

Music Together East Bay is an engaging music program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers with adult involvement in mixed-age classes involving singing, moving, chanting, listening, and exploring music. Classes are offered at approximately 20 East Bay locations. Find an East Bay Music Together class near you.

music together

Kids Gym Berkeley is for all kids age 0 to 12. We love to party at Kids Gym Berkeley for epic playdates, birthday parties, playdates, camps and good times. See the all-inclusive fun at Kids Gym Berkeley.

Kids Gym Berkeley

Revolution Foods flipped pancakes hot off the griddle to taste test their new Breakfast Hero pancake batter. Breakfast Hero pancake batters are available in the frozen section at all Northern California Whole Foods Market stores and Good Eggs.

Revolution Foods Logo

Celia Catalino, amazing Bay Area family photographer, was snapping pictures all morning. Be sure to see her portfolio of kid and family photojournalism.

celia catalino photography


[All photos provided by Celia Catalino; used with permission]

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