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Now Closed: Aloha Roller Skating Rink in Emeryville

Update: On February 23, 2022, Aloha Fun abruptly closed, effective immediately.

The old Old Navy at Bay Street is now a roller skating rink called Aloha Fun! Bring (or rent) your quad skates and enjoy the music as you glide.

Welcome to Emeryville, Aloha Fun!

This roller rink will be in place until the next tenant — a grocery store — is ready to take the spot.

We attended a soft launch opening night and it was lots of fun. There was loud music, funky lighting, roller skate rental (either quad or inline), a small snack bar with some candy, and maybe an arcade game or two.


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To stash your stuff, there are open cubbies. Lots of people were sporting fanny packs.


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We don’t know if and when the new location will offer birthday parties or skating lessons, but we can’t wait to find out! I’m definitely going to sign up for adult lessons because I am a good skater in my heart — but not in real life. Like, at all.

Aloha Emeryville Roller Rink
Aloha Emeryville Roller Rink Saturday night during “soft launch” | Photo: Heather Flett

Plan your visit to Aloha Fun Roller Rink in Emeryville

You can sign the required waiver before you leave the house or upon arrival. A QR code will point to an easy-to-use form before you reach the cash register.

Pro tip: Wear comfortable socks and bring a water bottle.


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Rates: Admission: $15 each | Skate rental $3-$5 | Just watching $3
Stay as long as you like but there are NO ins-and-outs (no run to do some shopping, no returns after a movie). Quad skate rental starts at toddler size 8.

Food: Basic candy and soda with tables for snacking. We strongly suggest bringing a water bottle.

Hours: Weekends 11 am to 10 pm. Weekdays vary. Closed Mondays.
Location: 5625 Bay Street, Emeryville
Phone: 510-822-6051
Instagram: @alohafunemeryville
Website >

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6 thoughts on “Now Closed: Aloha Roller Skating Rink in Emeryville”

  1. Would be really helpful to have an evaluation of the COVID protocols and sense of how safe it is for unvaccinated children. It’s an indoor venue!

    1. At the time of our visit during the soft launch, Aloha required everyone to be fully masked, and people were consistently good about it. There were also hand sanitizer stations throughout. I do not recall being asked about my vax status. There is no area to get a breather and there is no way to leave the indoor venue briefly — which seems like a real drawback since it is athletic.

  2. This is really helpful, thanks. Definitely (and sadly) sounds like we won’t be able to take our kiddos. We’d need a lot more reassurance about ventilation precautions, since you make the good point that it is basically exercising indoors. Bummer!

  3. Pamel Daniel-Arterberry

    Nice set up. It would be great if they had lockers. Also if there was fans it was very hot in there. They probably should have two hour blocks to keep the control of people down.

  4. Gotta wonder what happened and why they so suddenly closed?! People put a lot of money and resources into starting a business. What happened?!

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