Ticket Alert: Anti-Racism Workshop for Parents with Alphabet Rockers - 510 Families
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Ticket Alert: Anti-Racism Workshop for Parents with Alphabet Rockers

Join the Alphabet Rockers for a a special *one-time only* workshop for parents & caregivers talking about race & racism. This workshop is designed to support caregivers of little kids, preschool age and younger so we can all interrupt our bias. It is not a fun concert for children.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale from $5 to $250. Pay what you can. (lots more workshop info on the eventbrite!)

Sunday, October 21 Anti-Racism Workshop Overview:

10 – 10:30: Registration, Breakfast and Welcome by Rebecca & Aspen
10:30 – 12: Check your bias Workshop by Kaitlin and Tommy of the Alphabet Rockers

Parents and caregivers of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, genders and generations and that represent different family formations are welcome in this workshop. Childcare not provided, leave the kids at home.

Who’s putting on this anti-racism workshop?

Alphabet Rockers | photo: Steve Jennings
Alphabet Rockers | photo: Steve Jennings

Facilitators: Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd, Jr., Artistic and Music Directors of the Alphabet Rockers, are both Oakland parents who have facilitated conversations with brave parents across the country. Infusing music and fun into difficult conversations, Kaitlin and Tommy build community around ending racism.


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Organizers: Rebecca Ruiz and Aspen Baker are co-organizing this event as concerned parents not affiliated with a particular group. Rebecca is a journalist who often covers gender equality and racial justice. Aspen is an author and nonprofit founder whose work addresses opening conversations on difficult topics. They met at new moms class in Alta Bates with newborns. We need community involvement to make this event a success. Please register as soon as you can and help get the word out. Organizers are volunteers and will not financially benefit from this event: any additional revenue raised beyond direct costs will be donated to an Oakland nonprofit organization.

More Resources & Information in the fight against racism as parents:

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White Parents Should Talk to their Kids about Racism

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7 thoughts on “Ticket Alert: Anti-Racism Workshop for Parents with Alphabet Rockers”

    1. Moni ,

      Apologies for not responding earlier. I’m one of the co-organizers and am going to invite the Alphabet Rockers to respond to your question. If they’re unable to post, I will reply from my perspective.

      Thanks for your interest,

    2. Moni,

      I wanted to reply now that I’ve had the chance to discuss your question with Kaitlin from the Alphabet Rockers. Personally, I am hopeful that we will reach a diverse group of Oakland (and East Bay) parents who want to address the racism that hurts all. Based on the registrations we have received so far, I believe that’ll be the case. We understand that many white and racially privileged parents are eager to have thoughtful conversations that empower their children to become anti-racist allies. We also understand that parents of color are interested not only in developing new or additional skills to address the racism their children (or children in their communities) may encounter, but also to engage their neighbors in this broader conversation — to be seen, heard, and affirmed in their experiences.

      The workshop will touch on a couple of themes: being proud of yourself, understanding your culture, and analyzing power and how to share it. The workshop will not place whiteness at the center of how these subjects are discussed. If that sounds compelling to you, I do hope that you will attend. We are working to make sure that everyone who attends feels that it was an engaging, useful experience, and I welcome your feedback about what that would look like for you.


  1. Looks awesome! I had to do some digging to find out this event will SUNDAY OCTOBER 21. Maybe one of the editors could put that info earlier in the post. Thanks!

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