Are you up for the rookie moms challenge?

In January, we kicked off our 52 weekly challenges for rookie moms and now we’re up to number ten. On 510families, we’re playing along by localizing activities where we think it helps. For those of you with a wobbly little baby, you’re the boss of making sure you both get out of pajamas and do something with your day. Here are the first 10 adventures for you rookie moms:


  1. Coffee. Pretend you’re in Europe and enjoy some cafe culture with your baby. Cocoa and tea are also good choices.
  2. Knowledge. Go on a recon mission to find your neighborhood’s hidden mom spots (and see our favorites too).
  3. Companionship. Join a new mama’s group.  Find the flavor and the posse that works for you (activities, nursing support, lots of talking…).
  4. Craft. Head to a fabric store for your day’s outing and make a little something useful during naptime today.
  5. Chocolate. Go to the grocery store for just one thing. You know, for practice! Buy yourself a treat, pat yourself on the back. And leave before your baby or your ice cream melts.
  6. Hands-on art. Paint your baby’s feet as an adorable crafty keepsake and a fun way to spend the afternoon. Bonus points for dragging a friend along.
  7. Yoga. Take a postpartum yoga class with your baby. Find out which classes we LOVE (and have an excuse for always wearing yoga pants!)
  8. Pedicure. Get a pedicure. This is a pretty easy outing and you totally deserve to feel pampered.
  9. Cinema. Go to a mom and baby movie, where crying is allowed. Our post has tips on finding a legitimate mommy matinee in your area as well as creating your own.
  10. A break. Plan a mom’s night out for yourself and your girlfriends. Enjoy.

Are any of you following along at home with our challenges? Let us know with your comments!

[Julian says, “I don’t know mom, what do YOU want to do today?”]

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