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Berkeley Gem: Cinnaholic or What I Want for Breakfast on My Birthday

berkeley cinnamon roll

To get out of the house and entertain a multi-generational crowd during a family visit, we headed over to the Cal campus to walk around. Upon discovering that the Campanile was closed as was the door to the Life Science building, it was time for something sweet, and my husband led our nine-person posse to Cinnaholic on Oxford Street, where we shared four cinnamon buns.



After consuming my share of warm, sticky, custom-topped cinnamon bun, I texted my BFF Heather, “If you already knew about Cinnaholic and never mentioned it —  we’re through.”


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What to expect at Cinnaholic

For a normal afternoon sugar-fueled pick-me-up, one of the classic– or even mini — buns is delightful. For a special occasion, however, such as your first visit to Cinnaholic, I’d experiment with the vast menu. Similar to Coldstone Creamery, you can customize your order to the Nth degree. Pick your icing flavor and select your toppings.

cinnaholic menu berkeley

No animal products here, if you worry about such things. This place is vegan. How do these buns taste so amazing without butter? Without eggs? I have no idea. Vegan secrets, I suppose.

Note that each addition to your order comes at a price, so if you get carried away with a combination of Root Beer icing with bananas and coconuts (choose regular or toasted), you might be forking over more than $6 for your snack.  Cinnaholic buns are quite large and sharing one between a parent and one or two children is totally reasonable. Unless your children are 12-year old boys.


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Cinnaholic is closed on Mondays, but otherwise opens at 10 am. If you’re spending your morning at Habitot or another downtown Berkeley errand, check it out. If you have worked out at the Y, you absolutely deserve Cinnaholic.

Other Goodies at Cinnaholic: Cookie Dough, Brownies and More

Not up for a baked good? How about a pre-baked treat? You can order a scoop of cookie dough in a cup — toppings available on this set-up as well.

cinnaholic cookie dough

And also?

Cinnaholic has a catering business. Birthday party, anyone?


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all photos by Whitney Moss

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