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Fit4Mom leader Monica greets class attendees via Zoom.

Online Toddler (and Baby!) Classes Offered By East Bay Activity Providers

Virtual classes for the littlest kids include music and movement designed to keep kids engaged and active.


How I Set Up a Quarantine Book and Toy Swap

My four kids are burning through every book, toy, puzzle and snack in the house. Here’s what I did to refresh our toys and games without buying more stuff.


COVID-19 Shelter in Place with Kids: Guide for East Bay Parents

Sheltering in place means staying home except for essential services. Stay home, be safe, enjoy some creative East Bay business offerings now online.

East Bay Rainbow Trail: A Walking Activity (With Printable!)

We are among the first counties to shelter in place and our little walks outside will be more precious than ever! 🌈🌈 Let us build a Rainbow Trail together! 🌈🌈

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