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Experience Gift: Private Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Last week, I organized a Virtual Chocolate Tasting with some other parents from my son’s school using Lumineux Chocolate. They handled all the back-and-forth and made it super easy to plan and execute. Lumineux distributed tasting kits to our virtual party “guests” beforehand and facilitated the tasting lesson over Zoom with a group of 25 families. I recommend this for anyone else craving an interesting (and tasty!) way to spend time with faraway friends and family.

This is not a sponsored post, just a recommendation of a small business I learned about on The Pitch Podcast (#88 & #95 if you’re curious).

chocolate tasting note sheet
Private virtual chocolate tastings are a fun, interactive experience you can share with friends remotely | Photo: Lumineux Chocolate

What’s a virtual chocolate tasting & why do I want one?

Each chocolate tasting kit included enough chocolate samples for two people, along with a tasting notes sheet to follow along with and to write down our observations and opinions. If you love Dark Chocolate, you will enjoy the experience. Tweens or teens with refined palates might like to join but, be warned, there was only one milk chocolate included in the bunch.

This 45-minute tasting party via zoom was the perfect introduction to learn about chocolate and how it is made. We tasted six different varieties of bean-to-bar chocolate originating with cocoa from different countries from the DR Congo to India and beyond. The facilitator took us on a deep dive into the origins of each bean and the intricacies of each chocolate variety.

brown wrapped package
The packaging of the mystery chocolates was something special | Photo: Carol Burton

The tasting kit is shipped directly to your family and friends by Lumineux (and they handle all the logistics!), so you can include friends and family from across the country. My husband and I liked sampling the high-end chocolate and learning something new. We used the provided note-taking sheet to record the specifics about what we liked and why so we could remember our favorites once the lesson was over.

chocolate tasting notes
My husband and I shared the note-taking form to remember what we liked and why | Photo: Carol Burton

Plan your own private chocolate tasting event

To create a private party for many households, please reach out to the team at Lumineux Chocolate for a price quote based on how many tasters at each location and where they are. Two-person tasting kits are about $15 each (including shipping) based on ten locations or more. Get your specific order started >>

For a family-sized chocolate tasting, you will get enough for four portions and the zoom call will be with strangers. As of right now, this costs $35. Find out more >>

Our tasting kit included a 25% off coupon for a future order and I already ordered my son two types of hot chocolate for his Hanukkah Gift!

Bottom line on our Lumineux Chocolate experience

As we all continue to figure out new ways to stay connected “virtually” with friends and family, this was a fun and interesting experience. And, who does not love chocolate?

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