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CREAM ice cream sandwiches are worth the wait

Cream ice cream sandwiches are a double treat
Have you passed by that incredibly long line on Channing and Telegraph and wondered what all the fuss was about? If you like warm cookies and cold ice cream pressed together into an ooey gooey sandwich, then get in that line and thank me later!

For the low price of $2 each, you can choose the flavor of cookie and ice cream. Gluten-free options available.

I like to sandwich cinnamon chill between two snickerdoodles because I’m tame like that. My children will go wild with new combos each time like M+M and turtle cookies around cookie dough ice cream. Also? With warm cookies (divine!), it easily becomes a hot mess (see top photo of my son’s creation devolving).

CREAM stands for Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Though it can be down the block, the line moves pretty quickly. Street parking is a bit of a challenge. Seating is usually just the sidewalk but there are a few small tables inside that I’ve scored a few times.

Cream ice cream sandwiches are a double treatHours:

Opens After noon on weekdays, after 11am on weekends. Late night college-kid hours.


  • $2 per sandwich is for CASH.
  • $1 for cookie by itself.
  • Some discounts available via days of the week or social media incentives.

2399 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704
plus a few more Bay Area locations

(or check out their catering options)Cream ice cream sandwiches are a double treat

[All photos by Heather Flett, all rights reserved]

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7 thoughts on “CREAM ice cream sandwiches are worth the wait”

  1. I hated Scream and Yelped about why. To his credit the owner contacted me for a very friendly conversation about their products.

    1. They are not related. Cream has several locations around the Bay. It’s a play on an older hip hop song, also called “C.R.E.A.M.,” — cash rules everything around me.
      Scream (also on telegraph) is out of business now, isn’t it?

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