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Day trip to the U-Pick Pescadero Flowery

Some of the dahlias growing at The Pescadero Flowery are as large as your child’s face, and you can cut them off the stalks yourself, curating your own bouquet. U-pick flowers in Pescadero is an end-of-summer activity that pairs nicely with a day trip to Santa Cruz.

Pick your own Dahlias in Pescadero

Berkeley mom, Janel, tells us that taking her daughters down to the Flowery at the end of the summer is one of their annual traditions. The girls love selecting their own bundle of flowers.

The flowers range from $2 to $4, depending on their size.

Pescadero Flowery


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Guests browse the rows of flowers, trimming them from the plants. Everything you need to clip and gather the flowers is provided.

U-pick flowers

Similar to cherry-picking, the season is dependent on weather and other elements of nature, so while The Pescadero Flowery estimates the last weekend of July as the first U-Pick weekend of the year, visitors should call ahead to confirm.

The Pescadero Flowery is located at 251 Stage Road, Pescadero. Check their website and social media channels for details.

Map to Pescadero


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Photos courtesy Janel Wellborn

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