Diaper Drive: We’re having one and you can, too

The number of women and children living in poverty is not a pleasant topic. Where can I take my toddler on a rainy day or What do I do with a 7-year old who is passionate about drawing? seems more solvable, if that is a word.

Heather and I are lucky to have met Lisa Truong, an Oakland mom who spends a lot of her time focusing on a single actionable task that can help struggling mothers: diaper drives. Like a canned food drive, a diaper drive involves a simple collection bin and a lot of emailing, posting signs, and asking for contributions.

Last year, I was able to rally 2500 diapers that I dropped off at the Women’s Daytime Drop in Center in Berkeley. There’s nothing complicated about this effort. Ask for diaper donations and bring the goods to an agency that serves moms in need. Got it?

Right now, Heather is heading up a diaper drive with a goal of 2500 diapers for Lisa’s diaper bank Help A Mother Out. She’s got a collection bin at her son’s preschool and we’ve got a button for online donations right here.


Please consider contributing.

If you have always been able to change your baby’s diapers – up to 10 times in a super poopy day!- imagine the feeling of having to make that supply stretch. What if your budget allowed for only a diaper or two per day?

Here’s how you can help: 

  • Donate funds for diapers for Help A Mother Out.
  • Bring diapers to the collection bin at Sadie Dey’s Cafe ~ 4210 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
  • Use the Amazon wishlist for the Women’s Daytime Drop In Center in Berkeley
  • Use the Amazon wishlist for Brighter Beginnings in Oakland, Richmond, and Antioch
  • Hold your own diaper drive!

Some helpful materials: 

(Why is all this stuff branded with Huggies? Because they are running a campaign to help drive awareness of this problem and have committed to donating 22 million diapers this year. Full disclosure: Heather and I are amongst a team of moms/bloggers hired to help them spread the word amongst parents.)

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