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Kid Report: Where to buy Magic The Gathering cards in Berkeley

Holden F. is our Kid Reporter today, he will be in sixth grade in the fall. He will receive a gift card to Mr. Mopps Toys and Bookstore as a thank you for his contribution to (More about the Kid Reporter program here >)

Where to buy Magic the Gathering Cards in Berkeley

Eudemonia, Eudo for short, is a game store that focuses specifically on Magic: The Gathering (also known as MTG or just Magic).

Buying & Selling Magic: The Gathering Cards

Eudo isn’t like other stores because you can buy and sell single cards there. The store counter for single cards is open after 12 noon, so plan your visit wisely. You can sell cards for store credit and get 30% more than if you take money. You can get an account at Eudo’s website, too, so you can check prices from home on a computer.

Playing MTG Tournaments

If you are a Magic player, Eudo is perfect for you because they also have tournaments and drafts. For kids, you are looking for events called “Junior” draft or tournament. Eudo will supply decks to non-draft events because some people don’t have decks that meet the prerequisites. You can use your store credit to pay the fee for the events. There are special kids events most Saturdays at 1pm. See the list of kids MTG events.


In conclusion, Eudemonia is the best local MTG store.

Visit Eudemonia

Where to buy Magic the Gathering Cards in Berkeley

It is located at 2154 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94704 at the upper end of University Ave. downtown.

Eudo Website and calendar of events.

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Thanks to Holden for giving us his report and photos! If your child would like to send a guest post of 10 sentences or more with two or more photos to, we would love to publish it. Last year, Summer Kid Reporters wrote about ear piercing and roller derby. Get more instructions for writing Kid Reporter guest posts here.


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