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Free COVID-19 Test Sites in the East Bay

If you’ve been working outside the home, protesting with large groups, sending your kid to summer camp, otherwise expanding your social bubble, or if you’re worried you have COVID, you can get tested for COVID-19 for free — with or without health insurance.

Although asymptomatic people are eligible for these tests, it is still quite a process to complete the form and get the appointment. The test is “free” with or without insurance, but if you have insurance, they’ll want all that information when you book your appointment. The soonest free test I could schedule in Berkeley was twelve days in the future.

Free COVID-19 Testing in Oakland

If you work outside the home or if you’re worried you have COVID, get a test. The City of Oakland is partnering with community health centers to provide free COVID-19 testing to people who live or work in Alameda County regardless of insurance or immigration status. Anyone. Fill out the form on this page and you will receive instructions about how to make an appointment or show up at your closest testing site. If you have questions about testing, please reach out to

Free COVID-19 Testing in Berkeley

If you live or work in Berkeley, complete this form to schedule a free COVID test in Berkeley.

More COVID-19 Testing in Alameda County

The Alameda County Public Health Department has a list of places for both insured and uninsured residents to be tested regardless of immigration status. Find more COVID testing locations in Alameda County. Any county residents can be tested in Oakland (above) but this goes beyond Oakland facilities to San Leandro. More COVID-19 info/resources in Alameda County.


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Free COVID-19 Testing in Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County will offers tests for COVID-19 to any resident who believes they need one, regardless of insurance, ability to pay or whether they have symptoms or not.To schedule your no-cost test, go to or call 1-844-421-0904. More info about COVID-19 testing in Contra Costa County.

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Logistics Health Incorporated is running many of these free testing sites. Find out more about them >>

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