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Fun at Home: {510} Mini Camp Powered by Galileo (Free)

Sponsored by Camp Galileo. Written in collaboration between 510families and Camp Galileo.

Just like you, we have kids. And, oh my, with distance school ending — what are we going to do all day? As we looked ahead to this unusual summer, we knew that we all would be struggling to bridge the gap between the creativity that comes from boredom and whining that comes from boredom. We want our kids to take part in wonderful, imaginative projects without having to invent them ourselves!

galileo mini camp

We decided to leave it to the experts and to work with Camp Galileo to provide something fun (and enriching!) for our kids to participate in from home.

Introducing: {510} Mini-Camp Powered By Galileo

Two-weeks of at-home, Galileo-style fun begins now through July 15th. Register for free to receive instructions for two weeks’ worth of activities, projects, experiments, and lessons all designed to unlock innovation skills in our kids.

What’s included in {510} Mini-Camp Powered by Galileo

  • Instructions for hands-on projects, each geared for elementary-school students will be shared right here (Younger kids with an enthusiastic adult partner are also invited!)
  • A weekly email reminder pointing you to the instructional videos and helping you organize the materials
  • Tips for infusing a spirit of innovation and collaboration in your household

Sign up now for Mini-Camp activities >>

All the content for {510} Mini-Camp (DIY activities, videos, printables) will be FREE and available to anyone (and will remain accessible all summer) when you sign up before July 15.

She has completed her day 4 activity | Photo: Camp Galileo

The activity themes are pulled from the Galileo Innovator’s Mindset and the world-class curriculum developers at Camp Galileo.

Sample Activity: Paper Metropolis

Build your own Paper Metropolis

  • Cardboard for the ground
  • Optional: Other materials to build with (cardboard tubes, paper plates, straws, etc.)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Some paper (cardstock is best, but printer paper works too)

What you’ll need to participate in {510} Mini-Camp Powered By Galileo:

Space. You’ll want to pick a corner of your house (we’re calling it an Innovation Station) where you and your young camper can have space to work, watch videos, and keep your materials each day. The work area should be about 6′ by 6′ if you can find that much spare room in your home or a covered outdoor space.

Time. We dream of our students operating independently, but suggest starting with an expectation that you’ll help your student get started and then back away while offering encouragement. An enthusiastic adult is also appreciated when it comes to cardboard cutting.

Use an open shelf or a clear bin so your young innovator can easily see materials to use.

Materials List:

This list covers the projects for the full ten days, gather what you need in advance, so you’re ready to create on day one.

  • 2 large cooking or serving spoons
  • A heavy book
  • Balls of various sizes and weights (ping pong ball, golf ball, baseball, etc.)
  • Cardboard boxes of varying sizes
  • Cord (string, yarn, ribbon, etc.)
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Box cutter for cutting cardboard (FOR ADULT USE)
  • Glue
  • Larger round object to trace (food can, deli container, small bowl)
  • Lightweight paper cup or plastic water bottle and water
  • Marbles
  • Markers – permanent and washable
  • Paper – regular printer paper
  • Paper – index cards or cardstock
  • Paper plates (optional)
  • Paper towel tube(s)
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Plastic bag
  • Scissors
  • Small bite-sized food (popped corn, mini marshmallows, carrot slices, etc.)
  • Small round objects to trace (plastic bottle cap, quarter, checker, etc.)
  • Soft plastic recyclables (yogurt container, milk jug, etc.)
  • Straws (or make your own from paper rolled around a pencil and taped in place)
  • Sturdy handle (paint stirrer, spare ruler, long strips of cardboard taped together, etc.)
  • Tape (preferably blue painters tape, so it doesn’t damage any surfaces)
  • Wooden Board
  • Yardstick
Camp Galileo Anywhere
Creative projects with simple household objects offered daily

Want a live, real-time class? Camp Galileo Anywhere: fresh online classes now enrolling

In addition to our free collection of mini-camp activities, Galileo is also running small interactive classes with its inspiring instructors creating amazing projects and camp magic under the name Camp Galileo Anywhere.

Experience the unforgettable fun of summer camp no matter where you are. Choose from dozens of engaging online classes and create a joy-filled, innovation-infused, camp-away-from-camp adventure for your pre-K–8th grader.

The small group classes are led by enthusiastic instructors who know how to connect with kids, empowering them to express their ideas and share their designs. New classes are added every week.

Two-weeks of at-home, Galileo-style fun begins now. Register for free.

Sponsored by Galileo. Written in collaboration between 510families and Camp Galileo. When you register for this free course content, your camp materials will be delivered by email. Email addresses will be retained by both 510families and Camp Galileo for related communication. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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