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Heal enables doctor house calls, finally! {sponsor}

Thanks to Heal for being a new sponsor of 510 Families.

Heal enables medical house calls
Dr. Sam Kim, Medical Director, Pediatrics, California on a house call

I detest the traditional system of making doctor appointments, so I was pretty psyched to learn about Heal, a startup that has enabled on-demand doctor house calls covered by insurance for those who have PPOs.

I told my BFF, Heather, a little too excitedly, that she can now get a strep test in her pajamas on the couch. I mean, next time she’s worried about having strep throat.

Hooray! Anything normally taken care of by a doctor in the office, such as blood work, stitches, sick visits, flu shots, STD checks, and rapid strep tests can be done at your house in about two hours from the time of your request via the Heal app or website.

New parents, tune in: Heal can handle lactation consulting, full well-baby checkups for newborns and infants, including vaccinations. Or just a check-in if you’re not sure if your little one has a cold or something more serious.

Medical house calls are back!

Heal doctors can treat everyone from newborns to seniors. My daughter has a serious aversion to the doctor’s office. Her pediatrician is wonderful, but her anxiety kicks in as soon as we enter the building. Having a doctor’s visit at our home just might be the solution.

Heal has doctors available 365 days a year, from 8 am to 8 pm

For the uninsured, a doctor visit costs $99. Using Heal is comparable, if not less than a visit to urgent care, plus eliminates the need to transport your sick child — or their siblings.

Heal makes healthcare affordable and convenient by making the organizations virtual. No office, no parking garage. Is this the future of medicine?

Heal is in-network with select PPO insurance plans in California from these insurance companies: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. The best way to check insurance eligibility is to download the Heal app and enter your insurance information. You can also email support@heal.com or call (844) 644-4325.

LOGO Heal Horizontal LogoThanks again to Heal for supporting {510} Families. 
[All photos provided by Heal and used with permission]

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