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Oakland A’s Fun & Learning at Home with Stomper

If you are sheltering in place with a young baseball player or fan, check out the Oakland A’s Stomper Home Fun Page for tons of free games and learning activities. More are added every few days.

Oakland A's fan activities at home
Check out Oakland A’s fan activities at home like coloring sheets and word finds — keep on scrolling for more educational programming like literacy games and science lessons!

Oakland A’s Games and Lessons

Stomper’s Home Fun is a collection of sweet, educational, at-home Oakland A’s activities for kids and adults who miss baseball and want it right NOW. You’ll find math puzzles, coloring pages, word searches, and trivia. There are also matching games, mazes, and reading challenge games. Kids can learn a little while having fun.

We even learned how to draw the A’s mascot, Stomper!

Sports-themed Science

The Science of Baseball is part of the Science of Sport series of free 30-minute webinars for students and adults on Mondays at 10 am and and Thursdays at noon each week. These science webinars focus on the science behind various sports-related subjects from air resistance to physiology.

Summer Slugger Program

Summer Slugger, the Oakland A’s educational initiative to prevent summertime learning loss, is also available from Stomper’s Home Fun Zone. Parents of kids ages 8-12 years can register for additional baseball-themed games that reinforce key math and literacy skills. Slugger students create their a customized avatar to guide them through the games and help them earn points and progress-based rewards.

We are counting down the days until we can watch the Oakland Athletics play again. These activities were fun and engaging for us to do as a family.

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