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Indoor entertainment center (and all you can eat!) at John’s Incredible Pizza Company

John’s Incredible Pizza Company invited the {510} Families team to visit their newest location, in Newark, CA, so we piled into Heather’s mini-van and visited this family-friendly destination without our children. (We’re not monsters: They specifically told us to have a “Mom’s Incredible Night Out!”)


How it works at John’s Incredible Pizza Company

It took us a few minutes to understand the prices, but we finally got it. Each family member 3 years and older pays for admission, which includes an extensive all-you-can-eat buffet. Additionally, you pay extra for a debit card for activities to use on all the machines, both to pay for the game credits and store any prize tickets earned.


Games and rides galore

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Admittedly, we were distracted by the amusement park-scale spinny ride in the middle of the room, and anxious to get on it before eating. That was the right move. I was uncomfortably dizzy and decided that I have outgrown multi-leveled spinning as a thrill. I’ll leave the pursuit of that sensation to my pre-teen kids. And Heather.

At Johns Incredible Pizza
She wants to keep SPINNING us

After our dinner break (see below), we set our sights on mini ten-pin bowling and then the bumper cars — also funded by our game cards. If there are local prizes awarded for Best Bumper Cars, I would offer one to John’s Incredible Pizza Company. The ride was so smooth and fun to control, and the tubing around the vehicles was so bouncy, crashing into the walls and other people was great fun.

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We turned our attention to Skee-Ball, and were grateful for how well everything was working and the game center’s clean appearance. Heather commented that with the convenience of fun and food under one roof, her single dad would have brought her to John’s Incredible Pizza Company every Wednesday when she was growing up. And she would have mastered the oversized Pac-Man game.


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There are state-of-the-art versions of carnival games in between the indoor rides. We saw wall-size Candy Crush and other popular iPhone games mixed in with dance games and shoot-em-ups.

The only thing missing was hand sanitizer mounted on the walls. (Three moms agreed: Purell after bowling is a must.)

Next we checked out the food situation. Wow!

From the buffet, you can see the entrances to the dining areas in the back.

A picky eater’s dream, the buffet included multiple shapes of plain pasta with self-serve sauce on the side; a complete salad bar; child-sized pizza slices of many varieties (including peanut butter!); fried chicken; french fries and other forms of potatoes (I had a baked potato); and a huge array of desserts in small-enough servings that you could reasonably sample several of them.

Beer and wine are sold separately from a cashier in the middle of the dining area. Soft drinks are included in the all-you-can-eat menu.

My kids would have been happy with the food. The pizza tasted like Domino’s, which they love. (Sorry, Cheeseboard and Arizmendi. I’ll always be your girl.)

The soft-serve machine offered mini-cones, the perfect serving size for a little one or someone who plans to eat multiple desserts.

Now, where to eat? There are at least five different dining rooms, each with a theme, from sports to log-cabin vibe. Motivated to try and see everything this enormous venue had to offer, we agreed to eat dinner in one room and sit in a new room for dessert. Plenty of silverware stations were on hand to make grabbing extra napkins convenient.

We peered into the party rooms, lined up in a row to accommodate at least five simultaneous birthday parties, and thought it looked like a great set-up.

Glow Party is the top-of-the-line package at $30.99 per guest. Includes all food, drink, favors, game credits and rides.


After redeeming our accumulated prize points for one plastic parachute jumping man per child, we were done. We navigated through the Newark Mall, to which John’s is attached, back to our car (free parking!) and headed home.

johns pizza map

The bottom line on John’s Incredible Pizza Company:

  • How much will you spend? About $6 or $8 for little or big kids; $12 for teens and adults for your admission and meal. Plus a gaming card loaded with points for about $15 per person. So, a family of four with two kids between 7 and 12 will spend around $80 depending on their game usage.
  • Would I go back? I would like to bring my kids here on a summer weekday (save $5 on adults during the week!), and due to the 880-adjacent location, it’s a great pit stop on the way down south, a trip we make frequently.
  • Located in the Newark Mall, home to a movie theater, H&M, Gymboree, and Macy’s, parents who love to shop may conceive of a convenient bribing scenario here.
  • John’s is the type of place that everyone can enjoy at least once. If you have a passion for indoor games, it’s a sparkling new venue to try.

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Thanks to John’s Incredible Pizza Company for hosting us for dinner and games.


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