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Big fans of the New Parkway

Oakland has triumphantly re-birthed a classic: the New Parkway has many things we loved from the Original Parkway along with a different location and management to make up some new traditions. They’ll be open 360 days a year, serving up mostly $6 movies, healthy unhealthy food, upcycled decor, and a heavy dose of community.

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The interior is an eclectic mix of sofas and funky chairs. For little babies, I like to pack along a plain sheet for draping but I’m weird that way.

Baby Brigade shows are 4:30pm and 6:30pm Mondays and recommended for babies one and under. Though there isn’t an official age limit, these movies are usually PG13 or R-rated and over 4 will be charged admission. There are changing tables in the bathrooms AND in the theaters! Lights will be dimmed so you can easily get up and walk around with your baby during the movie as necessary. Parents pay $6 and enjoy an evening out with no cooking, dishes, or babysitter. Score!

[2/20/2014 New Parkway programming updates]


baby brigade at the parkway theatre

Early reports are that all baby owners must show up and support these features or they will *sniff* be in danger of cancellation due to lack of interest. These brew-and-view movies for baby mamas (at the olde Parkway) got me through my rookie year of parenthood with plenty of parenting training and fodder for adult conversation.

Family classics are shown every Fridays at 4pm and Saturdays at 11am for families and kids of all ages with child-friendly films and food. Expect beer/wine for the parents and popcorn and diner fare for all. As of this writing, the theater manager is targeting 5-12 year olds (and hopefully their parents) and choosing mostly 70s and 80s films. Recently ET was the film, next weekend Madagascar, and after that Grease Singalong.

The New Parkway Theater is located at 474 24th street, Oakland

I don’t know about parking or public transit, but it all looks well worth a try.

Concession at new Parkway

Have you been to the New Parkway yet? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Schedule and rates to change without notice. Check what’s playing online before you show up with a diaper bag, a toddler, and your high expectations:

[Photos: Whitney F via yelp, Heather Flett, yelp unidentified]

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3 thoughts on “Big fans of the New Parkway”

  1. Yes, we went on Monday and it was great! Love the 4:30 screening for babies that turn into pumpkins after 7pm. Loved drinking a beer with my kid strapped on while watching a real, honest to god, 2012 movie! Next time I’ll get there a little earlier so I can chat with the other parents there and coo over their kids.
    As far as public transit, the theater is about a four block walk from the 19th St BART station, just a block off of Broadway.

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