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Spotlight: Jupiter Makes Home-Cooked Meals So Much Easier!

This post is sponsored by Jupiter. After being a customer for a few weeks, I asked if they wanted us to help spread the word about their awesomeness and they consented.

many families cooking
Collage of families enjoying, preparing, and cooking food in the kitchen | Photo: Jupiter

It is no secret that I have struggled to plan, shop, prep, and cook for my family during this extended time at home. I have ordered countless delivery meals, and our favorite pizza place is starting to feel like family.

Jupiter is as convenient as a meal kit service but more affordable with 2000+ customizable recipes and all my staples combined in a reusable shopping tote without all that fussy extra packaging.

Try it yourself. Save $100 on groceries with Jupiter — Use code 510FAM for $20 off in each of your next 5 orders!


A ‘Jupiter’ branded tote bag overflowing filled with groceries
A ‘Jupiter’ branded tote bag overflowing filled with groceries | Photo: Jupiter

What is Jupiter and Why is it Great For Families?

Jupiter lets me add whole recipes to my cart at one time. For East Bay Moms & Dads who want to feed their families more home-cooked meals, Jupiter is a website and app that makes meal planning and grocery shopping incredibly easy. By considering your family’s dietary preferences and learning from past purchases, Jupiter recommends recipes weekly and automatically fills your cart with the staples and ingredients you need for the week ahead. And you can fully customize from there. Boom.

They are the only local grocery delivery company that helps you find meal inspiration and get groceries delivered all in one place, saving hours of browsing and ordering. Jupiter helps cut meal planning and shopping time in half. When I see a recipe that I want to make next week, I click on the recipe, hit the “Add to cart” button, and all the ingredients are magically added to my cart. If I already have eggs or parm, I can easily remove them.

Recipe for Banana Sushi for kids
Banana Sushi for kids by Weelicious, ADDS TO CART! | Photo: Weelicious provided by Jupiter
using Jupiter to add a recipe to cart
Using Jupiter, I can add all the ingredients to my next order

Jupiter lets me select which day of the week and time of day to have groceries delivered so I can reliably receive my groceries on the same day, in the same one-hour delivery window, on a regular basis. The system is flexible enough that I can skip, reschedule, or cancel anytime for any reason.

NEW! Jupiter has just introduced a Communities’ feature to make meal-planning even more social. Join communities of other parents on Jupiter to discover new recipes and share experiences. This feature is especially cool for families following special diets like Keto, Paleo, Whole30, etc. I’m looking for the “Kids Who Eat Only Bread” community and might need to create my own.

Little girl in a chef's hat washing her hands
Activate your helpers! This jr. chef is washing hands & veggies | Photo: Rodnae Productions via Jupiter

What I Love Most About Jupiter

Set it and forget it. I can use the auto-fill shopping cart to stay stocked up on my favorite brands of milk, bread, eggs. If I want extra or to skip a week, it is easy.

Magical help in the kitchen. I have two teenagers and a husband who will cook dinner if I plan and shop for the food. Like magic, with Jupiter, I can find recipes and fill my cart (then fridge!) with a few clicks.

Discover new recipes Jupiter makes it easy to find new recipes each week and revisit my favorites. Categories like “30 minutes” + “Dinner” let me find a quick dinner faster than I can order take-out. So far, the “15 minutes” + “Dinner” search nets me a lot of gravy recipes, but I can foresee that improving over time.

Super sweet support staff. If your family is like mine, you’ve become persnickety about brands and products over time. My youngest will only eat certain bread and peanut butter. The online chat support person is constantly tracking down my favorites.

It gets easier each time I use it. Each time I buy my favorite products and recipes, they are saved to a pantry that I can easily access for reorders.

recipes saved and purchased on a website
Screenshot of the recipes saved and purchased by a user on Jupiter

If you have questions about what Jupiter is and how it works, see their handy dandy FAQ.

What Other People Love About Jupiter

“Jupiter takes a lot of the brain work out of grocery shopping. As a working mom of 3, this is greatly appreciated!” ~  Jenny C.

child eating spaghetti
Family mealtime | Photo: Alex Green via Jupiter

“I’m not a good meal planner and I’m trying to cook more, so shopping by recipe makes life so much easier.” ~ Soumya B.

Mom and 2 children prepping dinner in the kitchen
Mom & children prepping dinner in the kitchen | Photo: Rodnae Productions via Jupiter

“Jupiter is more dependable than other services. I can build a routine around updating my shopping list for delivery, which I also spend less time doing as Jupiter gets smarter!” ~ Alex D.

fresh fruit and vegetables on table
Fresh produce right when you want it | Photo: Jupiter

Get $100 off groceries with Jupiter. Use code 510FAM for $20 off in each of your next 5 orders!


jupiter logo

Big thanks to Jupiter for sponsoring 510families and getting my family cooking again!

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