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Kid-friendly food: Saul’s Deli

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When my husband travels for work, I like to take my kids out for dinner, avoiding one round of kitchen clean up for the day.  Saul’s is pretty high-up on the list of go-to restaurants for us.

The servers are kid-friendly, as is the ambiance as a whole. They serve a small bowl of pasta as plain as you want it. My kids are fond of the grilled cheese sandwich.  Actually, a "girl cheese" for Scarlett and a "boy cheese" for Julian, they tell the waiter, in loud giggly voices.  Sure you can get grilled cheese or pasta anywhere, but you know the restuarant welcomes families when you read on the menu "Just a piece of cheese" and "Just a piece of turkey". 

For those who eat real food, traditional Jewish deli food is the primary offering, but there is plenty of mid-eastern fare to choose from, as well as some items that seem to be included simply because, Hey, we’re in the Gourmet Ghetto. You’ll find organic eggs, bread, local and sustainable seafood, and seasonal influences on the produce.  "Breakfast At Dinner" is a sidebar on the menu with comfort foods like Eggs & Onions, served with a latke.

For a brunch time meal on the weekends, you may endure a short wait, but for an early bird dinner, just walk right in.

Make a day of it:

Explore Live Oak Park
Eat at Saul’s
Shop at Kid Dynamo
Pick up Cheeseboard pizza for a midnight snack or tomorrow’s breakfast


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