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Indoor play space: Kids Gym Berkeley

Kids Gym Berkeley, formerly We Rock The Spectrum – Berkeley, is the sponsor of this spotlight post. We are excited to announce their new name!

Toddlers Day Out at Kids Gym Berkeley with Close5 recap
Photo by Icarian Photography

Kids Gym Berkeley is 10,000 square feet of inclusive fun for all kids. This full inclusion facility was opened by parents Barbara Brodrick and Brian Schroeder inspired by their son Grant, who is on the Spectrum with ADHD & Hyperlexia, to create an entertaining play space that offers safety and engagement for kids of all abilities. Best for kids under age 6 but all are welcome until age 12.

You can find birthday parties, day camps, classes, and therapies in addition to drop-in playtime. If it is too hot for you outside, you can enjoy the AC at Open Play all day. Obviously, it is a great place to hide from the rain, too.

Kids Gym Berkeley is staffed with helpful adults who are prepared to interact with typical kids and kids on the autism spectrum. The equipment and the environment is designed to engage children with gross motor movement, art, building, and role playing. Much of it is specially selected for children with sensory processing disorders, but is certainly fun for everyone.

What you’ll find at Kids Gym Berkeley

Lots of space for fun

Did we mention 10,000 square feet of space to run and climb and play? With gates at every exit so your little runner can’t escape!
Kids Gym Berkeley craft and puzzle tables

Sensory chill-out room

For children in need of a therapeutic relaxation, the sensory room is equipped with top-of-the-line bubble tube lighting; fiber optic lights; ocean & and soothing outer space mural to bring a deep sense of calm to those who need it most. It is immediately next door to the nap room, which was in use when we visited.
Kids Gym Berkeley sensory chill out room

Kid-sized tables for activities.

Puzzles and art projects are laid out daily to invite children to interact.

Toddlers Day Out at Kids Gym Berkeley with Close5 recap
Photo by Icarian Photography

Imaginative play area

Tools for imaginary play at Kids Gym Berkeley


Bounce your ya-yas out on the trampolines. Try to make trick shots leaping to the basketball hoop or take it at your own speed.
Kids Gym Berkeley

Climbing structure with monkey bars

It would be impossible to name all the various things your child can climb on and around, but this is another cool one. We’re also fans of the big net.
Kids Gym Berkeley climbing structure

Swing room, including zipline for thrills is modified regularly

Toddlers Day Out at Kids Gym Berkeley with Close5 recap
Photo by Icarian Photography

Speech Therapy and baby sign classes

Parents and small children can participate in Baby Sign Language Classes by resident Speech Language Pathologist Piera Willner, MS, CCC-SLP. Check with Barbara for details.

Services and special events at Kids Gym Berkeley

In addition to open play, they offer birthday parties and camps.

Kids Gym Berkeley

Birthday Parties

Families get exclusive use of the 600+ square foot dance studio for food, cake, drinks and dining for 2 hours. Packages starting at $220 for up to 10 kids and $350 for up to 20. Optional extras include popcorn machine, staff support person, balloons, craft projects, face painter, favors, pizza, cake, and full-facility rent out. Fun for ages 0 to 9.

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Plan your visit to Kids Gym Berkeley

Kids Gym Berkeley

Like Kids Gym Berkeley on Facebook to be informed about special events, such as their annual parties, new classes, and camp themes. Check out more information on their website >


2920 Seventh Street, near San Pablo and Ashby, in Berkeley.

Rates and Hours

During the week, Kids Gym is open from 9 am to 6 pm for children and caregivers to drop in at the rate of $15 per visit per child and $12 for siblings. No charge for adults. Weekend hours for open play are 9 am to 7 pm.

We are grateful to Kids Gym Berkeley for their sponsorship of

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7 thoughts on “Indoor play space: Kids Gym Berkeley”

  1. we went today and LOVED it. wow. so much to do. trains, art, swings, trampolines, books, balls. the best part (for me) was the staff. they played with zayn, made sure he didn’t fall out of the trampoline, helped him down the slide…as a mom of two i really appreciated this. plus, it’s super clean. we’ll be back!

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  3. This place was absolutely amazing! We held my 3 yr olds birthday party here on Sunday and the entire staff was extremely helpful and accommodating.
    Everything is superbly organized, and has something for kids of most ages below teen. The trampolines kept many of the children busy, the open space even kept some of the parents busy. The zip-line was another HUGE hit with the kids who were lining up to play, and the staff were right there to give each kid all of the support that they needed. There were dozens of other toys and equipment which kept the kids continuously excited for the full two hours that we were there. The only reason we left is that the kids all needed to nap, otherwise they could have kept going forever.
    There is a quiet room for sleeping children, a romper room with a door that closes for quieter activities, two other rooms with countless toys which kept the kids under 2 excited, and various tables for arts and crafts. There was the dance studio which the staff transformed into the birthday hall which held all of our guests and food with ease and with room to spare.
    I would recommend this place for all children, rain or shine! This will definitely be a regular place for us.

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