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Profile on Loop, Rent Your High-End Baby Gear

This post is sponsored by Loop. Loop makes parenting simpler by giving you month-to-month access to the best baby and children’s products available, without the hassle, clutter, or expense of ownership. Use code 510LOOP and save 25% off your first month of products on Loop.

I am in love with the idea of renting baby gear and swapping out what doesn’t work. One of my babies slept for four months in the bulky swing. My friend found no value for her babies in that exact same model.  Back then, I tried almost anything people suggested to help him sleep– and spent a lot of time and money in the process. And what about the infant carriers that work for some parent/baby duos and not others?! At some point, I think we had 6 carriers and 7 strollers.

This is where Loop comes in: Loop allows you to rent the very best baby gear on a monthly basis so you’re only paying for the items you want when you want them. And when your tot outgrows an item, Loop picks it up, cleans it, and passes it along to the next grateful family–and they can bring you the next round of gear that your little one is ready for.

All about Loop

Get curated baby gear by the month. As Loop’s founders (all four of them parents!) explain: “Babies grow up so fast and need new products and gear to support their development along the way. We realized there had to be a better way. Loop gives you access to products when you want them, and the freedom to get rid of them when you don’t. It allows you to try out products without the commitment of buying.”

Loop features some of the top items that parents want for ages 0 to 5. Some of the top products on Loop include the SNOO robotic crib, Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair, Nook nursing pillow, BabyBjörn bouncer, Hatch smart changer/scale, Nuna LEAF baby seat, the stylish Artipoppe baby carrier, Woom toddler bike, Thule jogging stroller, and more–all handpicked for their quality, safety, sustainability, and value. Giveaway below.

snoo baby basinette
SNOO robotic crib – rent it from Loop for the short time your baby needs it | Photo: Sophie D Huij for Loop

How it works

On the Loop website, add as many items as you want to your cart, along with a membership option. After you check out, the company then schedules your first “loop” (i.e., delivery and/or pick up of items at your home). Loop hand-delivers all items fully assembled and ready to use, and will even give you a quick tutorial so you know how to use everything.

Then use your items as long as you like! Most Loop members use items for a few months, but if something’s not working for you, you can easily swap it out by selecting another item and scheduling another loop. And if you love an item, you can buy it and apply any payments to the purchase price.

When you’re done with something, Loop picks it up so it’s not taking up your precious storage space, and so it can be enjoyed by another family. All Loop items are cleaned according to the manufacturer’s specifications using a variety of non-toxic disinfectants including UV-C light to ensure all items meet the highest standards.

Use code 510LOOP and save 25% off your first month of products on Loop > (discount doesn’t include membership fee).

Membership options

Loop has multiple membership options. Annual ($149/yr) and Monthly Memberships ($18/mo) include unlimited deliveries and returns and are great for renting multiple items and swapping out gear as your baby develops. If you only need one or two items, then per-item membership ($9/item) might be a better fit.

Once you choose the membership model that suits you, renting top-rated pieces of gear is simple. Monthly rates are a small fraction of the full cost of these items. I especially love this for items in the newborn category that babies outgrow so quickly. For example, rent the SNOO robotic crib from Loop for $99 per month or pay $1345 retail. Are you a training wheels family or not? Try out a Woom toddler bike for $40 per month before you buy one. Or never buy one.

Rent the BABYBJÖRN Balance Bouncer for $25 per month | Photo: Sophie D Huij for Loop

This contest is over: $1000 credit on Loop

This prize includes a free annual membership, regularly priced at $149, and $1000 in Loop credit to be used towards baby and children’s products for ages 0 to 5. Remember since $1000 in gear costs a fraction of the retail price, you’ll get quite a lot of stuff for your family!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize includes $149 annual fee and $1,000 in Loop product credit. Prize membership must be redeemed by September 1, 2021, with the first delivery scheduled by November 1, 2021. Actual baby gear subject to availability. Delivery within Bay Area only. No cash value in lieu of the prize.

woom bike parent and child
Try the Woom 2 bike on Loop before you buy! | Photo: Sophie D Huij for Loop

What Parents Are Saying About Loop

“We’ve absolutely loved using Loop these past few months. I have a 3 y/o and a 1 y/o and we are constantly moving from one phase to the next. Loop makes it easy for us to get what we need now and send it back when we’re done. My sonreally wanted the woom bike, but wasn’t into it after a few months, so we sent it back instead of wasting hundreds buying it. My favorite part is that everything comes already assembled and they walk you through how to use it. Baby gear can be overwhelming!!”
~ Caroline, Verified Customer


“Great customer service! Loop makes sure you get the products you want and need but nothing more. They are very responsive and knowledgeable and genuinely nice people! I wish Loop had been around for my first baby but better now than never. Both my 3yo and newborn are getting good use of the Loop items we have, and we’ll be getting more.”
~ Kelsey, Verified Customer



Save on Loop today

Try Loop now and save 25% off your first month of products with code 510LOOP. (discount doesn’t include membership fee).

loop logo

Thank you again to our sponsor, Loop. Loop makes it easier, more affordable and gentler on the planet to be a parent.

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