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Magical Bridge in Palo Alto: Inclusive Playground Worth the Drive

Universally designed to be accessible to everyone, the Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto lives up to its reputation. About 40 minutes from Oakland with no traffic, my girls and I thought it was totally worth the drive!

I was really excited to visit this very unique playground, and it totally met our expectations. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Magical Bridge is thoughtful. This playground is thoughtful in design for children and adults, of all physical abilities.

Why We Love Magical Bridge Playground

IMG 3905
The Magical Bridge community tree house and stage | Photo: Julia Gidwani

I LOVE the inclusive, all-abilities concept of this playground. While my children were running around discovering all the structures, I enjoyed reading how each element was thoughtfully designed. I learned that people with special hearing implants are unable to use plastic slides because of static electricity interference; all the slides and structures were created with these types of considerations.

IMG 3916
Slides of all materials and sizes at Magical Bridge | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Magical Bridge Playground Features

Magical Bridge has almost too many unique features to mention so here are some of my family’s favorites:

The Music Zone Laser Harp felt like an Exploratorium exhibit: this unique installation was probably our favorite playground feature, like ever. Imagine a giant arch that plays 24 musical notes via lasers! Yes, lasers. Kids move up and down underneath it to create music. My girls pretended they were fairies waving their arms underneath the arch, creating beautiful music as they ran, so so fun!

IMG 4026
The musical laser harp was our favorite feature at Magical Bridge | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Accessible slides and swings. I mentioned the thoughtful slides above. There are a wide variety of of bucket swings for all capabilities.

Lots of little coves and hideouts. There are plenty of cozy areas to retreat if the playground becomes a sensory overload.

Soft surfaces and ramps.  We saw so many types of play zones that it seems that the designers really thought of everything.

The signage is also in Braille. The really cool info signs are accessible to low vision guests.

IMG 3903
The Magical Bridge signage is also in Braille | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Fenced in? Yes, definitely. Keep in mind, Magical Bridge is very strict about no drinks or food inside the fenced area. We only brought water and were asked to leave it outside the park perimeter.

Surfaces: The playground has a variety of surfaces: astroturf, bouncy surfaces and cement pathways throughout with lots of ramps for those limited by stairs. The tree and picnic table area is mulched.

IMG 3909
Climbing ropes at Magical Bridge | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Bathroom: There are two adjacent to the tennis courts.
Lunch tables & seating: There are tables and seating within the playground, but you won’t be having lunch here due to the no food rules during Covid-19 pandemic. There is ample seating all throughout the playground.
Parking: Yes, park at the lot next to the tennis courts and follow the signs to Magical Bridge playground.
Shade: Lots of shade to be found both on the playground from trees and umbrellas. There are plenty of areas outside the playground perimeter to find shade as well.

IMG 3908
Climbing turf walls at Magical Bridge | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Covid-19 Restricted Occupancy: Yes. This playground was unique in that they had two security guards enforcing occupancy limits and social distancing. They require all guests to sanitize hands before entering and masks are obviously required. If someone was unable to wear a mask, they wore a cute sticker indicating they’re unable to mask up. During the pandemic restrictions, personal toys and cardboard boxes are prohibited.

Pro tip: While we didn’t encounter this, if the playground is at maximum occupancy, you will have to wait to enter. To avoid this, we arrived at 9am when they opened.

More to Love About Magical Bridge

  • It’s truly for everyone: this playground is seriously for all ages and abilities. There are even a couple adult-sized, self-propelled exercise machines on the outer perimeter of the play structures.
  • It’s quite a large playground with tons of space to distance.
  • The ramp down to the playground is wide enough for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • They’re serious about mask rules here, for which I was grateful. It feels more relaxed to play when everyone is following the mask rules.
  • There are challenging structures for climbers, but also a very sweet accessible, two-level tree house for children who enjoy more imaginary play.
IMG 3907
The bakery inside The Magical Bridge tree house | Photo: Julia Gidwani

The Bottom Line on Magical Bridge & Playground

Driving to Palo Alto to play is a magical field trip for a holiday weekend or anytime when traffic is light; I would definitely consider this playground “worth the drive.”

While this concept is new to me, when we visited it didn’t feel like we needed to tread lightly as we played, or that the playground was only for special needs family. Instead, we felt welcome to play at this super awesome playground with a bunch of other families. It truly felt inclusive and also special.

Pro tip: I may or may not have promised my girls milkshakes for the long-ish drive home.

IMG 3911 2
The Magical Bridge tree house | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Location: 3700 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto in Mitchell Park.

Hours: 9am-4:30pm, everyday (except holidays) — check the website for any special events or Covid-related cleaning days.
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3 thoughts on “Magical Bridge in Palo Alto: Inclusive Playground Worth the Drive”

  1. Thanks 510 Families for the great article! We love when people from all over the Bay Area come and visit our inclusive, all ability and all ages playground. We also invite East Bay families to visit our other playground in Redwood City at Red Morton Park – it’s a bit closer to the East Bay than the Palo Alto playground and also loads of fun! To learn more about our other projects in development, or to find out how to bring a Magical Bridge Playground to your community, visit our website or check out out facebook page for updates on what is happening at the playground.

  2. Such a beautiful article and stunning photos of a MAGICAL space where everyone is welcome and celebrated for exactly who they are – no matter what age, what ability or what flavor milkshake they drink on their drive home 🙂

    Julie and kids, please come back again soon and welcome, “510” families and friends!

  3. Thank you Julia for your detailed review and great pictures of Magical Bridge-Palo Alto and your adorable girls enjoying themselves there!! As Board Chair of the Magical Bridge Foundation, I enthusiastically applaud you for how well you captured the important aspects and indeed essence of our playground, including that it is not just for kids but multigenerational and truly for everyone! And since you all loved the innovation zone so much, I strongly encourage you to check out the new Redwood City Magical Bridge Playground at Red Morton Park, where that laser harp has some fun interactive circles to step on! Thanks again and I welcome you back to MB playgrounds any time… except during CoVid the playgrounds are closed on Mondays for cleaning.

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