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Maple (New App) Empowers Parents to Be a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. Someone said that catchy phrase and someone else put it on placards and inspirational posters to hang in workplaces. I say it sarcastically when my kids help clean the kitchen, but truthfully, there’s no arena in which it applies more than in family life. 

The vision I had of raising children, hosting birthday parties, taking family vacations, and not forgetting to pick a child up from daycare is certainly more dreamy when the responsibilities are shared.

Enter the Maple app. (Our sponsor this week!)

Designed to facilitate communication between parents and/or caregivers, Maple helps people work together to get things done. Maple has tools to share calendars, organize tasks and events, build lists together, and discuss family topics. Whether your needs are to collaborate with your spouse or another co-parent, if you share caregiving responsibilities, you may find these features useful.

The app is not simply about getting organized; the company is on a mission to make parenting more equitable. For folks who are finding themselves absorbing the majority of the responsibilities around the house, here’s a new way to lighten the load.

By identifying all the tasks your family needs, the folks who use the Maple app with you can jump in and help.

My family uses a combination of Google Calendar, Slack, and Post-Its. With Maple, all of that can be in one place as it offers the flexiblity of chat on your topics and the structure of scheduled events and to-dos with deadlines.

Maple review from app store

The “partners within the app” referred to by the reviewer above are a collection of special offers for services that support families like TaskRabbit, HelloFresh, and others. Maple has rounded up a bunch of discounts so that you can try these things out, often without paying full price.

The Bottom Line on the Maple App

If your family hasn’t yet found a way to share responsibility for all the tasks that come along with parenting or you are navigating a new co-parenting set up, look into Maple as a way to stay organized and share the load.

Find Maple on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Learn more about Maple at their website.

This is a sponsored post. works with family-friendly organizations to deliver great content to East Bay parents and we are grateful for Maple’s support.

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