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Spotlight: Oak Grove Learning Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten in Oakland

From the family who has been running Rockridge Montessori School since 1986, Oak Grove Learning is a new preschool and Kindergarten located in the Oak Knoll neighborhood of Oakland, near the Keller Avenue exit of 580.

Thanks to Oak Grove Learning for sponsoring {510} Families. 

Oakland Montessori preschool and Kindergarten

The program is now enrolling children from 18 months through Kindergarten for a Montessori experience in which students will self-direct their learning in a warm and nurturing environment.

Oak grove preschool montessori

The large, open classrooms are filled with sunlight and contemporary Montessori materials placed on low shelves for children to access — and put away! — materials with which they wish to work. Students will make active choices about how to spend their time, investigating and exploring indoors and outdoors.

Oak Grove Learning 8115 Fontaine

Teachers are trained to guide children towards using materials at exactly the right challenge level, following the Montessori method and the interests of the child. The result is confident, independent learners who possess the ability to focus and concentrate for extended periods of time, 21st-century skills for problem-solving!

oak grove toddler montessori

A virtual tour is available at

Oak Grove provides breakfasts, lunches, and healthy snacks daily as part of the philosophy that being well-rested and well-fed is foundational to being ready to learn.

Oak Grove aims to ensure equal access to high quality education for all families, in a warm and nurturing environment. The family run Administration is excited to be sharing the Montessori curriculum in a beautiful new location.

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Thanks again to Oak Grove Learning for sponsoring {510} Families. Contact Oak Grove Learning at or 510-430-1322

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1 thought on “Spotlight: Oak Grove Learning Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten in Oakland”

  1. At best I would say the leadership of the school is inexperienced and alarmingly unqualified and prepared for the tasks of managing basic matters of a toddler. The personnel that are highly rated or experienced are not the ones who are currently leading the school. The instructors are more likely to complain or become critical of the children without explanation of what led to the problem or solutions.
    The school has a high instructor and kid turnover rate. In addition to what seemingly is a tendency to alienate certain types of students by race and gender and remove them from the school.
    The overall supervision is lacking and the school does not have a clear plan for the long term success of the kids. The children are regressing from where they started. And, picking up habits that only come from lack of supervision.
    I am clear that none of the current teachers have any more experience or training in Montessori learning other than being the child or family member of previous leadership, nepotism.

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