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Family Fun in the East Bay

Visit an art museum with a preschooler

Visiting a fine art museum with a preschooler is a whole different experience than going with a pal (or a baby). You have to make it interesting for them. Here's how…


Got twins in the East Bay?

Over on our other website,, we're celebrating Twins Week to share the tips, tricks, memoirs, and favorite gear recommendations from and to parents of multiples.

Moms Night Out (Sponsored by Aveda)

Over on our other blog, we are working through 52 weekly challenges for new moms to help them have more fun and get out of the house. The tenth weekly challenge is to plan on Mom's Night Out for yourself and some friends.

Cognitive studies at Cal's Baby Lab

(510) Family Faves: Becky in the Lorin

Becky is a stay at home mom to two little girls in the Lorin. Maisy will be 3 in June and Maren is 8 mos old and was born in the front seat of their 2000 VW Jetta. Whoa.


Kid Report: Taqueria La Familia

Our Kid Reporter today is Rafi who is going into 6th grade in Berkeley. Taqueria La Familia is a restaurant in South Berkeley. This family-run

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For parents looking for more fun with their kids in the East Bay, this is your online guide. You’ll find free and cheap activities for babies and kids in Oakland, Berkeley and surrounding areas.

Discover what you can do this weekend, where you can play, and how to find everything an East Bay family needs. Help us build this community: submit tips and make comments. Thank you for visiting.

Discover our never-ending calendar of fun stuff to do with kids in the East Bay!
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