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Park Profile: Doyle Hollis Park

At Doyle St and 61st Street in Emeryville, you’ll find a terrific playground, grassy field, small tot lot, and community garden. Parking can be a challenge during the week, but you’ll find easy access by bike or Emery-go-round bus. The tot lot is east of Doyle Street and the big kid area is west of Doyle.

Doyle Hollis Park @ 1333 62nd Street

With an unfenced grassy field spanning between Hollis Street, Doyle Street, 61st Street, and 62nd Street, Doyle Hollis Park is a terrific playground, field, and hangout area with a clean-ish set of bathrooms. This park is one of our family’s favorites.

The impressive height of the main play structure and the climbing wall means that it is even fun for grade school kids who can perform more sophisticated stunts.

Doyle Hollis Playground in Emeryville
Doyle Hollis Playground in Emeryville | Photo: City of Emeryville

There is an unusual play structure with tube slide and many climbing challenges, a rope climbing structure, two spinners, and one slanted large ring (it’s called Supernova, what a name!). There is rubber mat flooring for the play area with a mix of grass and concrete for rest of the park.

This play area is best for kids five years and up and offers innovative climbing structures and fun spinners to keep the kids giggling. The climbing wall was too challenging for my girls, but older kids made it all the way to the top.

Doyle Hollis Park in Emeryville
Let’s spin the Supernova

The Supernova kept my 3 year old busy for long time, spinning and balancing on the ring before the big kids started to spin it really fast. The Supernova is great for kids to learn how gravity and momentum works.

Doyle Hollis Park in Emeryville
Lots to do down low for a three-year old unwilling to climb | Photo: Kat Choi
Doyle Hollis Park in Emeryville
So many things to climb on! | Photo: Kat Choi

This park features unique play structures I haven’t seen anywhere else in the East Bay playgrounds. Plus it is clean and safe for kids to play. Though the playground isn’t fenced in, it is enclosed enough to not worry about kids running out to the streets. There are plenty of benches to sit as well.

The large grass area next to the playground is perfect for soccer or to play catch.

Doyle Hollis Park in Emeryville
Walk across this wide open field to Ruby’s Cafe | Photo: Kat Choi

Other amenities at Doyle Hollis Park

  • Single basketball hoop on the west side near Hollis street.
  • Working water fountain.
  • Seating area with pergola and stone sculptures that welcome locals out for lunch break.
  • 3 wood picnic tables. Space is available for rental.
  • The bathrooms here are decent, but could be kept better with more frequent cleaning. No diaper changing tables.

61st Street Mini Park @ 61st & Doyle Street

Doyle-Hollis Tot Park was my go-to when I lived in Emeryville a year ago. Just across Doyle Street from the main Doyle Hollis Park sits an adorable tot park with ample picnic space. The mini park also allows BBQing where the larger park does not.

Tot playground features

The tot playground is fully enclosed with two entrances on either side of the park (one in the middle does not work). The door latch often gets stuck, so parents have to make sure it is securely closed with metal chains, otherwise wandering toddlers can easily push the doors open and escape.

Doyle Hollis 61st St Mini Park

Doyle Hollis 61st St Mini Park

The hopscotch layout is also fun for older siblings accompanying toddlers. The park is a good size for toddlers to practice walking or chasing a ball. Curious toddlers will venture to the area where trees grow along the fence and pick up wood chips or fallen fruits, so if you have a foodie baby, watch them carefully.

You’ll find two bucket baby swings, a play structure with double sides, climbing steps and monkey bars. Rubber mat and cement flooring.

The three stone picnic tables get good shade under big trees.

Emeryville Community Organic Garden @ 59th & Doyle Street

The Community Organic Garden, one of three managed by the City of Emeryville, is just south of the park and open to public when garden members or Friends of the Garden are present.  This cute garden is great spot for picnic if you can get in.

Nearby places to grab food and drinks

Food trucks: There are usually food trucks around here on weekdays during lunch hour.

Ruby’s Cafe: This small cafe is just across Hollis Street from the field. Grab a coffee, sandwich, salad, or baked good to go along with your playtime. Closed Sundays. Ruby’s Cafe is at 6233 Hollis St.

Summer Summer Thai Eatery: This super yum restaurant will be delicious to carry out. Everything but the scrumptious corn fritters will be even better after a few extra minutes marinating in the car. Grab it on your way home. Summer Summer is at 5885 Hollis St.

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[All photos by Kat Choi or City of Emeryville]

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  1. I love your wonderfully detailed description of this cool park and got hungry reading about the nearby restaurants too. I’ll be recommending this park as a really nice place to go!! Thank you, Kat!!

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