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Pi Day in Berkeley, Oakland and beyond

Since we are generally a bunch of nerds, Pi Day is something we get excited about in the {510} Families HQ. Which is a virtual chatroom powered by Slack. Because, nerds. Also? We like pie.

Pi Day is Wednesday, March 14 aka 3.14.

Here are some local Pi Day treats to look out for.

Cheeseboard Pizza
In honor of Pi Day, Cheeseboard switches it up and sells little square pies, filled with blueberry or apricot. The price? $3.14, natch.
1504 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley


The Exploratorium
Pay what you wish on this community day. There will be a whole lot of pi-related fun as scholars and mathematicians bring the circumference of a circle to life in hands-on exhibits. Also? Pie will be served. See the schedule of events.
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Location: Pier 15, San Francisco

South Berkeley Branch Library
Food and activities, plus a competition to see who can recite the most digits.
Time: 3:30 to 5 pm
Location: 1901 Russell Street, Berkeley

This pie boutique is ready for your pie party with extended hours on March 14 and a Pi symbol baked into the pi; however, take note that pre-orders have already sold out a bunch of their pies, so go early if you want to secure one.
Location: 1605 2nd Avenue, Oakland

Pieology Pizza
This chain serves custom pizzas and promises if you join their email list you’ll receive an offer for a $3.14 pizza with purchase of a Chef-Inspired or Custom Pizza on March 14th. Get the details >
Location: 1269 Marina Blvd, San Leandro

Whole Foods 
They are advertising that pies from their bakery will be $3.14 off, but I’m sure one year I scored a pie for $3.14 total. I will definitely stop by to look at the selection and prices.
Location: Telegraph, Gilman, Lake Merritt


Kids not yet ready to grasp Pi? This is one of our favorite math games.

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