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Pitstop on 101: Tatum’s Garden Playground in Salinas

Thanks to Jennie Aspelin from San Francisco, mother of four boys, for sharing this unique playground in Salinas, about 90 minutes south of Oakland.

Driving south on 101 from the Bay Area, Tatum’s Garden Playground is a fully inclusive park and play area that could not be more conveniently located near the freeway.

tatums garden salinas

It is a fully inclusive playground, put in place by a family who was inspired to design a playspace where children in wheelchairs or with various physical disabilities could play side-by-side with their able-bodied siblings and friends.

All children can enjoy this farm-themed playground. The ground is smooth rubber; the swing set includes adaptive swings; and, the innovative climbing structures are inviting. Take a look.


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tatums playground salinas

tatum playground 101

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tatum park 101
Yes, you are seeing triple. Big brother Lukas gives the triplets a teeter totter ride.


tatum 101 stop


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Tatum’s Garden is located at 1 Maryal Drive in Salinas, CA

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1 thought on “Pitstop on 101: Tatum’s Garden Playground in Salinas”

  1. I agree, it is a very nice playground with lots of restrooms. But note this playground doesn’t allow wheeled toys like scooters and bikes on its perimeter (the concrete path you can see in the first photo). We had thrown my daughter’s scooter in the car for the SoCal road trip thinking she could scoot a bit at each stop, and were a little disappointed. But, again, it is nice here otherwise.

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