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19+ DIY Kits & Subscription Projects to Keep Kids Learning

Kit it out! For busy parents who want to introduce children to wonderful projects and hands-on activities, these kits are fantastic. If you’re already a DIY royal with a well-stocked box of scraps, you can keep scrolling. The following kits and projects are experienced as one-off activities or a multi-month subscription — and are a wonderful supplement to distance learning.

dolly project kit for airplanes and bugs
Airplanes + Bugs Box from The Dolly Project in Alameda | Photo: Megan Small Photography

Some of these cool kits come from right here in the East Bay (noted where possible) and others are national providers. We grouped them roughly in order or price, low to high within each category. These range in topic and price point: science and technology | gardening | cooking and baking | arts and crafts | baby stuff

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Arts and Crafts Kits

Craft kits from PlayDateRedefined (Fremont)

A full array of craft kits with topics from dinosaurs and rainbows to Black Lives Matter and firetrucks. Each box is individually handcrafted and includes all the craft supplies to create 12 crafts.
Target age: toddler, preschool, and young elementary
Price range:
 About $20
Find them on Etsy >>

Art supplies from MOCHA (Oakland)

Enough supplies and instructions for a month’s worth of daily art projects and a way to send them to others in need. There is also a slime kit, room decor kit, and a science experiment kit available.
Target age: preschool through teen
Price range:
About $25 each or 4 for $100
Find ArtKits from Mocha >>

Miscellaneous mystery crafts from Kiddos and Krafts (Bay Area)

East Bay mom of three, Kole, decided to help her own children get their hands dirty and these craft kits were born. New themes and kit contents are regularly announced via Instagram.
Target age: preschool and young elementary
Price range:
About $25 each
Follow @kiddosandkrafts on Instagram >>

parent kid painting project from splashkits
Parent and child painting project | Photo: Splash Kits

DIY painting kits from Splash Kits (Fremont)

SplashKits are do-it-yourself acrylic painting kits great for all ages and skill levels. They come with all the materials you need to make your project a success. Choose from kids, teens, and adult themes or ask them to create one special for you.
Target age: preschool and older
About $26
Website >>

Craft Projects from Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate includes science activities, arts and crafts, imaginative play and more. With activities designed to help kids discover, explore, and create things in the world around them, Kiwi Crate brings hands-on fun right to your door. There are kits for much younger and much older children. Check out our 510families experience with Kiwi Crate.
Target age: baby through older teens
Price range: about $20 depending on selection with a price break for longer term subscriptions
Website >>

My kid made the Claw Game from a Kiwi Crate | Photo: Anna Azimi

Felt craft kits from Feed the Fish (Bay Area)

Choose a crafty project that speaks to you. Projects include a selection of adorable hair clips, succulent garden, and pennants. I suspect Erin will design a custom kit for your family if you ask real nice. She made our {510} felt banners.
Target age: elementary and older
Price range:
$15 to $52 depending on selection
Website >>

Ceramic home activity kits from Brushstrokes (Berkeley)

Brushstrokes projects pottery and paint (glazes) are sold separately. Choose the ceramic paint and brush starter kit for 5 colors, a sponge, 10 brushes, and instructions to complete your project. Mosaic kits include all materials.
Target age: preschool and older
Price range:
Order a kit >>

Color Me Mine to-go (Alameda)

Color Me Mine to-go kits include your chosen ceramic piece and paints. Select brushes if you need them. Lots of cute options.
Target age: preschool and older
Price range:
$14-$70 depending on pieces (pickup on-site Fridays and Saturdays or pay for delivery)
Order a kit >>

The Dolly Project (Alameda)

A handcrafted weekly box educating children aged 2 to 5 with art projects and exploration at home. Each box is handcrafted with the exact supplies and instructions you will need to create and educate your little one, each week is a different theme based on two letters of the alphabet and also include a variety of activities and projects with valuable lessons.
Target age: 2 to 5
Price range: $45 per box
Website >>

Week’s worth of crafting from Twirl (Alameda)

Make sure to indicate your child’s age, so they can customize the high-end crafty materials to best suit them.
Target age: toddler and older
Price range:
Order a kit >>

Woodworking and Maker Kits

Workshop kits from Home Depot (Emeryville and others)

Kits include pre-cut materials for easy-to-build projects.
Target age: elementary and older (younger with supervision)
Price range: $9 to $15 per project
Website >>

Woodworking kit from 9th Street Labs (Berkeley)

The DIY carpentry kits from 9th Street Labs come with all the materials for an individual project (you supply the hammer) kids can build at home.
Target age: elementary and older
Price range: $15 to $25 per project
Website >>

Marble Maze2
DIY Marble Maze | Photo: 9th Street Lab

Science and Technology Kits

Science Projects from Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate uses STEM principles for creative problem solving. Monthly crates include the materials and inspiration for science and engineering projects such as: trebuchet, paper circuits and zoetrope.
Target age: 9 to 16+
Price range: about $20 depending on selection with a price break for longer term subscriptions
Website >>

DIY Garden Kits

Kids can get their hands dirty and learn all about gardening independently with these simple kits: grow pizza ingredients (and decorate the planter), organic herb garden (with no painting project), or grow a flower garden with DIY planter. Even the soil is included.
Target age: elementary age
Price range: about $25

HANDS-ON! at Home Science Kits (Berkeley)

Hands-on STEM fun projects like Mad Science, Candy Science, and Unicorn Science make experimenting tons of fun. Birthday kits also available with projects for up to 12 kids.
Target age: 7+ (younger with supervision)
Price range: $30-$40 per kit
Website >>

Groovy Lab in a Box

Hands-on STEM fun projects, experiments, and engineering challenges.
Target age: 8+ (younger with supervision)
Price range: $30 per month as a subscription
Website >>

Chemistry Experiments from Mel Science

Each MEL Chemistry set includes 2-3 experiments and contains the equipment you’ll need to conduct the experiments: enough chemical reagents for at least 2 attempts, additional components, and visual step-by-step instructions. We loved the Mel Science experiments.
Target age: 10+ (younger with supervision)
Price range: $35 per month as a subscription
Website >>

Baby and Toddler Kits

Rad Dad Box

With an eye toward supporting new dads in their journey as parents, this monthly subscription includes dad-themed books, apparel, grooming products, and snacks. It makes a cute gift and is customizable if you have particular constraints.
Target age: 0 to 3
Price range: $38 per month
Website >>

At-Home Montessori Learning with Monti Kids (Bay Area)

Created by an Oakland mom, we love the care and attention given to the child-centered collection of toys and baby supplies. Monti Kids at-home Montessori learning materials are for ages 0 to 3.
Target age: 0 to 3
Price range: A three-month kit, which includes 6-8 toys; one hour of personal coaching valued at $150; and, an easy-to-follow online learning program costs $297. Save $60 here >
Website >>

Cooking and Baking Kits

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Bake test a new gourmet cookie recipe each month with pre-measured ingredients, instructions, and cookie-themed surprises.
Target age: 8+ (younger kids will need more supervision)
Price range: $20 per month
Website >>

Baking Kits from Baketivity

Baketivity kits come complete with a recipe, instruction cards, and all ingredients you need for a single (sweet) project like whoopie pies or panda pull-apart cupcakes.
Target age: 4 to 14 (younger kids will need more supervision)
Price range: $29.99 for first month, $39.00 thereafter includes ingredients
Website >>

Cooking Lessons from Raddish

Designed by chefs, educators, and parents, Raddish Kids Cooking Club sends thematic materials and recipe cards each month to help children build skills in the kitchen. Read more about our take on Raddish kids cooking lessons.
Target age: 4 to 14 (younger kids will need more supervision)
Price range: $12 to $25 per month plus the cost of food
Website >>


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