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Start Where You Are: Simple Tips for Quick Meals and Snacks that Kids Love

Big thanks to for sharing easy and fast recipes to feed families with their Food Waste Prevention Partner, Alison Mountford. Chef Alison is the Founder and CEO of Ends+Stems, a meal planning service designed to reduce household food waste and stop the effects of climate change. This post is sponsored.

Chef Alison has lots of ideas, tips, and recipes to help you care for your food, and make it last longer. She has transformed her passion for preventing food waste and years of experience as a chef and caterer to help busy people and young families make mealtime easier, more efficient, and cost-effective. Yes, please!

chef alison and two kids
Chef Alison cooks for her little ones so she KNOWS | Photo: Chef Alison via StopFoodWaste

“Ends+Stems family meal plans are a lifesaver for planning and I’m seeing less waste as I cook. I don’t think I’ve seen recipes like this before; it’s revolutionary!” ~ Emily Soloby

I have personally lost a lot of stamina for feeding my family healthy foods during this ongoing pandemic. So I appreciate the inspiration for quick, healthy meals that can get on the table before I can order in to make the most of what I have on hand in the fridge and cupboards.

spousal text about food
An actual text between me and my husband from last night

Recipes and Tips for Hungry Families

To make healthier food choices while also saving time, money, and food we appreciate the realistic, helpful advice from both and Ends+Stems.

Destress Weeknight Meals: Whether your weeknight dinner time stress starts at 5 pm or 9 am, the problem with dinner is that it’s relentless, it just keeps coming up again and again and again. The easiest way to help future you avoid this spiral is to plan ahead and Chef Alison shares 6 Hacks to De-Stress Weeknight Meals >

deconstructed steak dinner
The Ends + Stems Meal Plans give advice for customizing meals for children | Photo: Chef Alison via StopFoodWaste

Use what you have! To reduce food waste, let’s find those hidden pantry gems and plan a meal around them. Did you overbuy certain canned goods in March of last year? I’m guilty of that one. Figure out when you’re going to use that can of black beans and then do it.

Hangry? We’ve all been there: You’re starving and debating whether to order in or to start cooking. The kids are begging for food again and cooking and waiting for delivery both seem like they’ll take too long. Put down your phone, boil a pot of water, and whip up something like Chef Alison’s Pasta Primavera. This recipe comes from The HANGRY Cookbook, each of these recipes can be made in 10 minutes with fewer than 6 ingredients.

deconstructed falafel
Deconstructed Falafel flavors for big kids, choosy eaters, and toddlers | Photo: Chef Alison via StopFoodWaste

Get inspired! Download the Leftovers Reimagined Bingo Card at & take the challenge! Find recipes for what you already have, instructions on growing a garden from scraps, and lots more tips at, Facebook, or Instagram.

deconstructed meal for kids
Turkey and Bean chili can be deconstructed for big kids and toddlers | Photo: Chef Alison via StopFoodWaste

Take control of snacks. Lots of parents are struggling with snack time right now. It is not just you. Chef Alison has advice about setting a snack schedule, keeping snacks fresh, and making all foods a bit healthier. Read twelve snacks you can prep in advance so you’re ready before the next snack attack.

healthy snacks

Big thanks to and Ends+Stems today.

leftovers reimagined bingo
Download the Leftovers Reimagined Bingo Card at

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