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Rainy day activities for a hellastorm

When you have to hunker down with sandbags, it is not the best day to head to your favorite indoor playspace. Right? So instead of sending you OUT to the best places to go on a rainy day, we want to help you at home today. Stay safe!

  1. My kids are upstairs making LEGO creations while I type this list. I give an assignment like “cosmic school bus” or “Christmas scene” and see what they come up with.
  2. Bake a tasty treat. We have some brownie mix that will take a few hours to mix, cook, and cool. Tis the season for cookies, too.
  3. Create an epic fort. This works well when the power goes out, too.  We have hecka good instructions on fort-making.rainy day fun at home
  4. Gather your flashlights, jammies, and books for storytime that lasts forever.
  5. Shaving cream in the bath tub. Or any extended bubble bath, because there is no rush off to bed time!
  6. Scare up some old toys. You know the ones that you are just about ready to donate? Those that haven’t been played with in eons can provide lots of new engagement. I doubt my nine-year old will ever be ready to retire his building blocks. We are also HUGE fans of magnatiles + hexbugs. {see the video from our kids at the bottom of this post!}
  7. Movies. You didn’t really need my permission to binge on TV, did you? Well, permission granted to make it a trilogy!
  8. Build a robot (functional, cardboard, or otherwise)
  9. Mix Mentos with Coke in your backyard. BOOM.
  10. Cooking. Let the kids make you dinner. You assemble the ingredients and try to get out of the kitchen to “relax”.
  11. Games, games games! I might even break into the family-friendly board and card games I bought for the holidays because they’re new to us. (See Alec’s top picks for STEM-supporting superfun family games)
  12. Crafts are good if you’re set up for them already, but most of us have white paper and scissors which is all you need to cut the perfect snowflake.
  13. If you have BORAX on hand, you can make slime!

What will you be doing while it is too wet to go out and too cold to play ball?

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