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Kid Report: Sienna Ranch Camp in Lafayette

Our guest reporter today is Chloe D. who will be in third grade in Orinda this fall when school starts again. She is almost eight.

Chloe rides bareback at Sienna Ranch Camp

This is me on bare back day riding only on a saddle pad, no saddle and no stirrups.

Do you think your kids would like working on a farm? Then they will like Sienna Ranch Summer Camp. I do! It is in the golden hills of Lafayette. The reason I like this particular camp is because there are lots of mini camps in one big camp. I’m going to name some of the mini camps: Equestrian Camp, Farm Hands, and Nature Camp. My 5-year-old brother likes holding the bunnies in Farm Hands camp the best. I like Equestrian Camp on bare-back day. It is fun to be so close a horse.

A kid report on Sienna ranch camp


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Buckey is the black and white goat, and Billy is the other one

Some really fun things to do at this camp are make dairy products out of goat’s milk. There are 2 mom goats and 2 baby goats. They baby goats names are Billy and Buckey. This is how we get the goat’s milk – we milk the mommy goats! Some things we made out of goat’s milk are butter, yogurt, and creamsicles. In my opinion, creamsicles are the best because we use honey in them and they taste the best. There’s even Afternoon Camps from 2 to 5 o’clock, like Arts and Animals, Archery, Fun with Horses and Carpentry.

The summer camp is open for kids age 4 to 14 from June to the end of August. My mom had to sign me and my brother up really early because Sienna Ranch Summer camp is so popular.

Sienna Ranch Summer camp is located in Lafayette. If your child would like to send a guest post of 10 sentences or more with two or more photos to, we would love to publish it. Other 2015 Summer Kid Reporters have written about the Marin County Fair and Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt.


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