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Spotlight on Crestmont School

Crestmont is an intimate 85-student school with a strong sense of community. Set among the oak trees in the Richmond Hills, its campus has sweeping views of San Francisco Bay; touches of the art and gardening programs can be seen around campus. Crestmont’s close community has been a source of strength and stability for its families during 2020, even as the school follows carefully crafted Covid safety protocols.

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Crestmont is the oldest K-8 co-op on the West Coast

At Crestmont, every family is included and participates. Crestmont School was founded in 1969 on the values of social justice, community spirit, and academic excellence. This modern co-op now celebrates 50 years of sending changemakers, skillful collaborators, and resilient, courageous citizens into the world. The co-op model is a source of connection for families, helping the students to thrive while adapting to changing circumstances.

crestmont mixed ages in the garden
Sense of community and place is integral to the student experience. When possible, students learn outdoors and in mixed-age groups making a truly progressive school that serves a diverse group of families. | Photo: Crestmont School

Crestmont is committed to social justice and inclusion

Crestmont walks the talk on social justice, diversity, and equity. What began in the 1970s has continued into today’s challenges, and students continue decades of tradition in speaking up and becoming activists for their beliefs.

Crestmont is committed to teaching in a way that empowers students to grapple with real-world problems, co-create solutions, and engage in practical actions. Their social justice curriculum starts with issues of fairness and moves into environmental, racial, and economic justice issues. Students learn about social movements and change. Through these investigations, students develop tools to take action in their community. The parent-led Our Village team on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion extends awareness and action beyond the classroom to the greater community.

black lives matter protest with kids
Crestmont has been sending change makers into the world for 50 years, Students continue the tradition today – speaking up and being activists for their beliefs | Photo: Crestmont School

Crestmont recruits, welcomes, and affirms children, families, and faculty who reflect the diversity of the Bay Area.

The co-op structure, affordable tuition, and robust financial aid support this commitment. Inclusion and diversity figure into all aspects of the curriculum including mentoring and social-emotional development. They celebrate and honor diverse cultures and multiple perspectives through a carefully designed, evidence-based curriculum.

Focusing on an individual student’s needs and learning style allows each child to flourish.

Every child’s voice, identity, and expression matters. Crestmont teachers create a curriculum that responds to the dignity and individuality of each child. Support is available for each student’s challenges and learning differences. With a low adult-to-student ratio of 1:4 and small class sizes of 9-14 students, it is possible to offer differentiated and flexible teaching styles to meet each child’s needs. This educational approach supports children to find and express their unique voice, and to learn how to contribute to positive change in the world.

Crestmont garden young learners
New safety protocols have allowed the school to focus on outdoor learning experiences when on campus | Photo: Crestmont School

Crestmont is committed to the social-emotional growth of students

Crestmont teachers understand that children need both academic and social-emotional competencies to succeed. To that end, the school nurtures self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others, relationship building, nonviolent communication, and responsible decision-making. These skills foster community and civic involvement throughout a person’s life.

kindergarten classroom
Art and creativity permeate the school’s interior and exterior. This kindergarten classroom has a cozy ‘quiet, safe place’ | Photo: Crestmont School

What parents say about Crestmont

“I have two children at Crestmont and have been extremely happy. The environment is small and nurturing which allows for a lot of time to attend to the emotional and social needs of the children. In addition, due to the fact that it is a co-op, the parents are super involved which creates a strong sense of community that often is lacking in many cities. The teachers are wonderful and allowed the space to be creative in their curriculum. I feel so lucky to have found Crestmont and that my kids have had such a great start to their education.”

~ Crestmont Parent

“We brought our son to Crestmont for kindergarten because we wanted a school with an integrative learning approach that valued social emotional development, creativity and community. With the support of our son’s teacher and the school’s staff, we learned that he had multiple learning differences. Since he was diagnosed, we have had complete support from his teachers to accommodate and support his learning style and his classmates have been equally supportive and he has never been stigmatized in any way. He has always loved school and now, as a middle schooler, he is a more confident, engaged and successful student.”

~ Crestmont Parent

crestmont yard sunset
The Crestmont campus has sweeping views of the bay and spectacular sunsets | Photo: Crestmont School

Learn more about Crestmont for yourself

Crestmont is offering tours now for 2020-21. Contact or visit to learn more.

Crestmont offers rolling admissions and has spaces available for the on-campus learning program in some grades, and for the at-home distance learning program for grades 2-3. Both programs are full-day, 5-day per week schedules with robust curriculum and specialty courses.

Modifying the learning model for Covid-19

Throughout the pandemic, Crestmont has prioritized safety, the well-being of the children, and the individual choices of each family. Now, Crestmont is able to offer on-campus school for families who choose it, and a complete robust at-home program for families who choose distance learning.

Crestmont submitted its detailed plans for re-opening campus safely to Contra Costa County, which reviewed them closely and authorized their re-opening. Crestmont follows rigorous safety guidelines while cultivating creative solutions like outdoor classrooms. The distance learning program offers a social, supportive environment for the students, and continues the dynamic, project-based curriculum Crestmont is known for.

While maintaining both programs simultaneously, Crestmont is continuing its community traditions in modified formats and intentionally cultivating the closeness and camaraderie that fosters such warmth and support within the Crestmont community. At Crestmont, they say, “Being a co-op is our superpower.” Thanks to the efforts of their strong community, Crestmont families are weathering these times together.

Thank you to Crestmont School for sponsoring 510families today. Get to know this small school with big values.

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