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Sushi boats are fast fun food for families

My own children tend toward burgers and quesadillas and have generally steered clear of more interesting cuisine, but they do love sushi boats!

At Sushi Boat restaurants, kids are often the primary patrons at the bar between about 5pm and 6:3opm. You can watch boats float by right within your grasp (mercifully behind a sneeze guard for particularly grabby toddlers) including vegetarian options, pineapple chunks, and a few dessert options. The best thing about this outing is that feeding hungry families is instantaneous: sit right down and grab your dinner without the burden of ordering.

Grab your sushi right off the carousel at Takara in Oakland

Other stuff to know:

– Parking in Rockridge can be tough
– Come early, no reservations required
– This meal is NOT cheap. With just me and a mostly-vegetarian nine-year old, we spent over $50. Gulp. But we had lots of fun doing it.

I’m not especially loyal to Takara but I do love the boats (AKA bune) for speed and sheer joy. Other sushi recommendations from our readers include:


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3 thoughts on “Sushi boats are fast fun food for families”

  1. So our non-parent neighbor frequents Takara and mentioned his partner is sometimes uneasy as there are so many little kids there. Ding!

    I never ever thought of bringing my toddler to a sushi-anything, but true enough she dug the boats so much and actually ate stuff, like the tamago (sweet egg sushi)…and there were other kids there, right at the counter, watching the boats go by. We went early on a Sunday, just in case and it was perfect.

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