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The Jungle: What to expect from Concord’s crazy climbing place

Concord's Jungle is dirty and rundown but so much fun. Most parents are skeeved out by this climbing joint, but kids want to go back for more.

ladders and tunnels

falling into a ball pit

oh crap, an arcade


I just wrote this haiku to the Jungle, and now I feel like I don't even need to write a more descriptive post! Just kidding folks, let me fill in some details about this filthy funhouse in Concord, the Jungle.

The Jungle in Concord, a great place to run around for grade schoolers

What to expect

Best for ages 6 to 12, this climbing, running, squealing place is a terrific — albeit sticky — place to use up your children's energy. I recently brought four kids here (ages six through nine) and they had a complete blast! In fact, they asked that we never go anywhere else again ever. A great option for no-school days!

The Jungle in Concord, a great place to run around for grade schoolers


Once they grow tired of fleeing and hiding from each other, there is an arcade where games spit out tickets and tickets can earn crappy prizes.

I also set the following ground rules and they worked well for us:

  1. Two meltdowns and we're out. I expect one of you to have a fit, but once two of you do, we're leaving. No exceptions.
  2. When the tokens are gone, they're gone. Do not try to negotiate more.
  3. Watch out for the smaller kids.
  4. Stick with your buddy.
  5. No yelling in the quiet room.

The Jungle in Concord, a great place to run around for grade schoolers

Other amenities

The Jungle has a full restaurant and no outside food is allowed. We are the jerks that didn't try the food because we timed our visit to skip meals. Then we went to In-n-Out.

There is a glassed-in hideout for parents with free WIFI and a view of much of the play terrain. I was the room's only occupant on the day of my visit and found myself practically in tears by the end of a three-hour visit because I forgot to bring a laptop with me.

The Jungle in Concord, a great place to run around for grade schoolers

There is a toddler zone that I did not explore. To be honest, with all the terrific places to bring a little person, I would not bring a child requiring constant supervision unless I was trapped at a birthday party and my husband was out of the country and I had no money to afford a babysitter or friends who would help me out. Want something on a toddler scale? Try SuperFranks or Habitot.


Parents are always FREE. Other admission prices are in the $8 to $9 range depending on time of day, length of stay, and age of child. Coupons often available. See the rate card. Tokens for the arcade cost extra.

Teens are only welcome with younger children and a supervising adult.

There are recurring specials (like free Mondays going on right now), coupons you can print, and an occasional barber offering boy's haircuts (brilliant!) so check the Jungle Fun website for anything like that before you head out.

1975 Diamond Blvd
Concord, CA 94520

My visit was to Concord; there is another location in San Jose.

[Photos: The first is from the Jungle website; all others are Heather Flett]

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6 thoughts on “The Jungle: What to expect from Concord’s crazy climbing place”

  1. I have to say I am NOT a fan of this place. To be fair, I took the boys shortly after we moved out here so they were probably 5 and 3. I got a discount coupon which was why we went, cuz this place isn’t cheap at full fare. Since there was no way the toddler was going to stay in the toddler space, I had to run and crawl through the whole thing to keep track of them. This is where my opinion formed. It is nasty dirty up there. It stunk of sweat and feet – I couldn’t fathom how bad it would be on a rainy day. A lot of the high traffic areas are worn away and overall it looked poorly maintained. I know the place is at least 20 years old and from the condition of the landing carpets and ropes, very little has been changed since it opened. There were lots of older kids who were careless about smaller children and there was some of that playground intimidation play that goes on when kids who don’t know each other interact. I couldn’t wait to leave the play space and use our coupon at the snack bar. Good thing you ate at In ‘n Out, the food was the. worst. ever. The kids wouldn’t eat it, that’s how bad. Even though we live 10 minutes from this place, I would rather drive all the way down to Super Franks or Boomers so I don’t have to feel skeeved out by a place my kids are playing in.

    I just felt the need to weigh in because my experience was so negative that I would hate to see someone make the drive and end up feeling the same way. But you all know your kiddos and your own tolerance levels, these things might not bother you as much as they bothered me. If it’s not a big thing for you, then look for a good deal on tickets, wash them down with Purell when you leave, and eat somewhere else! You all might have a blast after all.

  2. Jen, thanks so much for your comment. As you can see, I didn’t take littler kids there or eat in the cafe, so thanks for offering an opinion on those. I’ll keep my hand sanitizer at the ready!

  3. I went with my 6- and 9- year olds and their mutual 8-year old friend after reading this. The three kids disappeared into the maze and had a fantastic time for two full hours without wanting or needing anything. I was shocked and thrilled. When I checked in with them, we agreed to move on to the arcade portion of the fun, and I basically threw $5 down the drain, resulting in a rushed ticket-spending session that no one was really thrilled about. Next time, we’ll skip that portion. I think the climbing structure is a great novelty for school-aged kids and we will do it again. I agree with this review: trailing a preschooler around the place would be exhausting. Parents will not easily fit through all the tunnels and tubes. The Jungle is much better for kids who are accustomed to playing on a playground themselves.

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